Waynesboro Borough Council will take care of a lot of business tonight

March 20 – The Waynesboro Borough Council will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at 55 East Main Street. 

One item on the agenda is the mayor’s proclamation for Arbor Day. 

Jason Stains, borough manager, said, “I know we’re a little ahead of Arbor Day and we have another meeting in April but the mayor wanted to get that out early as part of our continued process with the Tree City, USA application and also there is an Arbor Day celebration at Renfrew every year. So we’d like to have this proclamation ahead of those two things that we need to get approved. We have a lot of activities that over the last several weeks have come in for various committees to review for activities throughout the spring and summer months. So, the council is going to be taking action on authorizing the combined Veterans Council to hold their Memorial Day Parade on Memorial Day May 27, beginning at 9. Council is also going to be considering approving the ninth annual Strokes, Spokes and Strides sprint triathlon and duathlon. That’s Saturday June 8.”

Internal bank account transfers will also be discussed. 

Stains said, “We’re also affirming some transfers that we’ve done internally to some of our other bank accounts that are with the Pennsylvania Local Government Trust. We’re moving our pool reserve fund $542,000 into that account for a little over 5% interest. Also, the recently dissolved Memorial Park Association, their money came to the borough and said that money is going into a bank account specifically for Memorial Park and that’s $23,000 that we’re going to have for future improvements at Memorial Park.” 

A developer’s agreement with LGI Homes, Pennsylvania LLC for the final phase of the Brimington Farms residential development will be reviewed. 

Stains explained, “That is a development that is behind the high school. It began being built around 2008, 2009 and half of the development is still needing to be developed and the current owner is actually selling the rest of the land to LGI Homes, Pennsylvania LLC to complete the rest of the build out of that neighborhood. So it’s going to be mixed single family homes and townhome units on those undeveloped properties. That is something long in the works and that agreement will require certain bonding to be put up by the developer, certain bonding related to streets, repair of curbs that are already in place. There was a base level for the street that was paved in certain areas in anticipation of further development, but that area has sat undeveloped for so long the street needs to be repaired. So that is going to be a condition that LGI Homes will have to meet in order to develop the rest of that property. They’re going to have to repave streets and fix those areas that have deteriorated over the years.”

Council is also looking to amend ordinances to update the International Property Maintenance code.

Stains said, “We currently use the IPMC in our code enforcement efforts, the International Property Maintenance Code and we’re just updating it to its most current version, which is the 2024 edition. We have to begin the ordinance process to bring that into local law. So, council will be considering advertising an ordinance to update our code of the borough of Waynesboro to include the 2024 edition of the International Property Maintenance code for code enforcement purposes. So they will probably approve that to get an advertisement and then take final action on that in April.” 

Reports from the police and fire departments will be heard tonight. 

Stains said, “I don’t think there’s anything that really stands out on those reports that would be a major highlight or anything for the council. It’s fairly routine business. Those reports are talking about arrests that are being made, different investigations, repairs to the vehicles on the police side. On the fire side, we’re talking about the calls and we’re in a transition phase with the reporting system that we’re using for the fire reports. We’re trying to glean some better information with the new company as we move forward. We’ll see how those reports populate information and what questions the council has on those reports moving forward.”

Some road work brought some concerns. 

Stains said, “We had a resident raise a concern regarding some patch work that was done on East Third Street. That work was done last week and we have some areas where potholes were developing and maintenance went on and they just did a rough patch job over top of it. The reason that that was done the way that it was done was to try to hold some of those potholes from creating larger issues. This is on our list of streets to be paved later this year. So that was just a temporary fix that was done to the street and in preparation for a full scale repave of the street sometime later this year.”