Washington County warning of scam phone calls ahead of election season

08 March 2024- With the upcoming elections the Washington County Board of Elections urges residents to be vigilant against scam election calls targeting voters.

Election call scams pose a significant threat to the integrity of our democratic process. Often employing robocalls, these scams aim to deceive and manipulate voters, potentially disrupting the electoral process. Any call discouraging you from exercising your right to vote should be treated as suspicious.

Recently, the Maryland Attorney General’s Office has also warned of increased threats by bad actors ahead of both the primary and presidential elections.

Robocalls impersonating political campaigns or candidates are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with some even using artificial intelligence to mimic well-known voices. Such calls may violate federal and state consumer protection laws, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Truth in Caller ID Act.

The Maryland Office of the Attorney General is actively combating illegal robocalls and pursuing legal action against perpetrators. Recent cases include a lawsuit against a company accused of sending scam election robocalls mimicking prominent political figures to discourage voter turnout.

If you receive a suspicious election call, please report it to 410-528-8662 with details such as the date, time, caller ID information, and the nature of the call. Together, we can safeguard the integrity of our elections and protect our democratic rights.