Washington County students win big with top finishes at National Anatomy Tournament

13 June 2024- Two teams from Washington County Public Schools finished among the Top 16 at the Anatomage 2024 National Anatomy Tournament held at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. The Crazy Craniums finished in 4th place while The McDreamy Teamy earned a Top 16 finish.

Both teams qualified for the Top 32 bracket and both advanced to the Sweet 16. Due to the bracket structure, they faced off head-to-head in the Sweet 16 round with the Crazy Craniums advancing to the Elite 8 and then the Final 4.

The Anatomage 2024 National Anatomy Tournament is a two-part, team-based competition to test students’ knowledge of anatomy. In the first round of the competition, teams are given five minutes to locate and mark 30 anatomical structures on the cadaver table. Correct answers earn 10 points while a point is deducted for each incorrect answer. In the second round, teams have five minutes to locate anatomical structures that relate to a long-form question about physiology. Points are awarded and deducted in the same manner as the initial round. The team finishing with the highest total score is deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, the team that completed the assigned tasks in the shortest amount of time is named the winner.

Throughout the school year, team members learned thousands of anatomical structures and physiological functions. They utilized five complete cadavers on the Anatomage table to do comparative anatomy studies and analysis of function and pathology.

Sixty-four teams competed at the national tournament. The Crazy Craniums qualified by winning the 2024 Maryland HOSA Anatomy Tournament. The McDreamy Teamy qualified as the winners of the 2024 Western Maryland Anatomy tournament.

Each of the WCPS students who competed in the Anatomage 2024 National Anatomy Tournament attend the Academy of Biomedical Sciences at Boyd J. Michael, III Technical High School. The Academy of Biomedical Sciences offers immersive, rigorous, and highly engaging learning experiences in all major fields of biomedical science, including biomedical engineering, forensic science, microbiology, clinical medicine, immunology, epidemiology, oncology, surgery, genetics, hematology, neuroscience, radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, and orthopedics. According to the National Health Council, biomedical science professions are among the fastest growing careers in the United States.