Washington Co. receives lackluster marks in Maryland’s School Report Card

13 December 2023- Today, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) released state, district and school-level results for the 2023 Maryland School Report Card. ​​

Report card data, star ratings for individual schools, and informational resources were posted on the Maryland School Report Card website, providing a comprehensive view of school performance under the Maryland Accountability System. School star ratings are based on multiple indicators, including academic and non-academic measures. Preliminary results were presented during the monthly State Board of Education meeting held Tuesday, December 5. According to the results, 37 percent of schools earned the top two ratings of four or five stars. The majority of schools maintained their star ratings as compared to the prior school year with 79 percent of schools awarded three or more stars.  

Washington County’s schools, however, were not the ones receiving high marks. The county as a whole had less than stellar scores and, by the state’s own metrics, underperformed compared to how they were supposed to.

What is especially concerning is the depth of these poor scores. Math scores were especially bad, with no student demographic actively meeting the annual target set by the state. While all but Asian-American students showed improvement over the past year’s scores, this simply was not enough provide students with enough of a grade buoy.

Additionally, graduation rates remain at around 90%, with African-American students only graduating at an 85% clip compared to 95% of Asian-American students, 92% of white students, and just under 88% of Hispanic students. Again, strides were made and improvement has shown throughout the county but it is not nearly enough according to state metrics.

“This is a new baseline year for Maryland, in terms of where we are and where we want to be,” said Interim State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carey Wright. “Due to the difference in calculating results between the two school years, we cannot make perfect comparisons. However, we celebrate those districts and schools that showed success and we will continue to support those that faced challenges.”

“Our focus is on making transformational educational change for students,” said State Board President Clarence Crawford. “While there are signs of progress and many successes to highlight, we must continue to focus on seeing real, improved outcomes for children.”

This is the fourth year of School Report Cards and the star ratings system.

Washington County’s full report card can be found linked here.