Warfordsburg man allegedly runs from cops twice after being found riding hot wired bike

08 September 2023- A 23 year old Warfordsburg man is looking numerous charges after allegedly running from police following them finding him with a hot wired motorbike. Ellic Logan Bohrer is charged with felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor resisting arrest, two counts of misdemeanor evading arrest on foot, and numerous traffic violations. Bohrer posted bail of $5,000 and is currently free.

Around 8:15pm on August 30th, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to the Cardinal Glen Terrace complex on Woodside Drive near McConnellsburg for a report of a motorcycle driving erratically through the area. When police arrived, they found a motorcycle attempting to turn the bike around, with the rider not wearing any protective equipment. Troopers, however, were able to talk to the rider.

That man, now identified as Ellic Bohrer, allegedly told police that he didn’t have a license and didn’t have the bike registered or insured. Police were able to clearly see no key in the ignition with two wires protruding from the left side of it, consistent with hot wiring.

The VIN on the bike was run and found to be stolen out of Washington County, Maryland. After Bohrer was told that he was under arrest, he allegedly pulled away from officers and took off on foot. Troopers were unable to arrest him and he subsequently got away.

More Troopers were able to respond to the incident, with a canvass of the area being conducted. Finally, Troopers were able to find Bohrer outside an apartment complex, leading to another chase but this time ending in him being taken into custody.

Bohrer was interviewed after his arrest, with him allegedly saying that he bought the bike for $300. While he did say that he “suspected the motorcycle was stolen since it did not have keys and needed to be hot wired to start”, he still took possession of it.

Ellic Bohrer is free on bail of $5,000. His preliminary hearing is set for September 11th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39403-CR-0000075-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-1133514