Want your voice to be heard on Southgate? Council looking for volunteers for Advisory Committee

26 January 2023- On November 14, 2022, Town Council of the Borough of Chambersburg established the Southgate Neighborhood Overlay District, which provides less restrictive Zoning and other land use regulations for attached dwellings, yard setbacks, lot coverage, lot access to public streets, off-street parking and stormwater management within a 33-acre area surrounding the Southgate Shopping Center. Please see attached Zoning Map that includes the Southgate Neighborhood Overlay District boundary.

Town Council also created, by the District regulations listed below, the Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee to serve as the neighborhood advisory committee for the Southgate Shopping Center Redevelopment Project. Please see attached conceptual plan for the project.

Section 300-63. Advisory Committee review.

Any land development plan submitted to the Borough of Chambersburg in accordance with Chapter 258, Subdivision and Land Development, that includes property within the Southgate Neighborhood Overlay District shall also be submitted to the Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee for review. The Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee shall consist of not more than seven members appointed to serve at the pleasure of Town Council, which members may be citizens or stakeholders from the Southgate neighborhood. The review of the Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee shall be advisory only and shall be submitted to Town Council prior to Town Council’s final action on such a plan. Members of the Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee shall not be compensated. Borough Land Use and Community Development staff will assist in coordinating Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee meetings at Borough Hall.

Town Council is currently seeking volunteers to be considered for appointment to serve on the Southgate Neighborhood Advisory Committee. The link below can be used to apply online or names and contact information can be submitted to Phil Wolgemuth, Deputy Borough Manager, at pwolgemuth@chambersburgpa.gov or 100 S. Second St., Chambersburg, PA 17201 for presentation to Council when they review and discuss appointments to the committee, which will likely occur sometime before July 2023. Names and contact information submitted to Mr. Wolgemuth must include first and last name, home address, email address, phone number, whether the applicant is 18 years of age or older and whether they are a citizen or stakeholder from the Southgate neighborhood. Applicant information, whether submitted online or to Mr. Wolgemuth, must be received by the Borough no later than Tuesday, February 28, 2023.


If you have questions, please contact Phil Wolgemuth, Deputy Borough Manager, at 717-251-2436 or pwolgemuth@chambersburgpa.gov.