WAIT until you hear the latest phone scam…

CHAMBERSBURG – We all know the drill. The phone rings and it’s a number you’ve never seen before. If you answer it, here comes the computerized (or sometimes VERY human-sounding) voice on the other end warning you of an expired contract or Social Security card breech or even a warrant out for your arrest (those are particularly fun).

A recent scam call came into the offices at News Talk 103.7FM and a portion of it was aired on the Big Talk during First News recently with Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen.

The call went like this:

“And the scammers revenue source will dry up and together we can get this problem significantly reduced. This is an important public service announcement. There is a rise in scam calls impacting people around the world. Many of these scammers are directly funding terrorist organizations and in 2017, $16 billion was scammed from Americans. Much of this money is used to fund terrorist organizations such as the Al-Qaeda and ISIS to further hurt our neighbors around the world. It is critical that you report any phone calls from these scammers to the FCC or to the phone company of the scammer. You can use free carrier look up tools to identify the carrier and then call or email the carrier so that the scammers phone system is shut down. Most importantly, if someone with a foreign accent claims to be the IRS, Social Security Administration Office, Microsoft, Amazon, Cash Out, or any other questionable source that generally doesn’t call you, immediately hang up the call and report it on our website scammerblaster.com”

Ryan said, “Nobody from the IRS is going to call you anyway. We already know that, but if anybody with a foreign voice calls you…really? I wouldn’t put that in my script here, but when I went to the website it says all the way at the bottom for entertainment purposes only.”

Jansen said, “I got a scam call yesterday, though, and I did get a foreign voice and I wasn’t paying enough attention. I was very distracted. It said this is AT&T and your account’s about to be suspended. And I wasn’t really listening and I went ahead and I don’t know why I hit the customer service thing but I did. Like an idiot. I know. I wasn’t thinking. And then I definitely got a very heavy foreign accented voice on a questionably sounding line. He said something in a sentence that was just so heavily accented I couldn’t understand it. I said I didn’t understand a word you just said. And he hung up.”

Barkdoll warned, “A lot of the experts in these areas now, they are recommending not only do you hang up on them, but they’re saying don’t even engage in any discussion with them. Some of these calls you get where it’s prompting you to say yes or no? They’re saying some of these more sophisticated scammers are using artificial intelligence that they’ll use your voice possibly for some nefarious purpose. If they have for example your credit card number, those credit card companies will use a voice recognition system when you’re calling in to verify your identity. So they’re saying if you ever get even those automated calls, even if you just want to scream no if they’re asking you to do something, don’t even do that. Just hang up on them or don’t even answer the phone in the first place.”

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