Wait until you hear the latest about electric vehicles

March 5 – A 2022 study from Emissions Analytics found that electric vehicles actually create more pollution than gas powered vehicles. 

The study is getting traction right now because it was cited in a Wall Street Journal editorial yesterday. 

According to the study, particulates are being released from the brakes and tires on EVs because they’re so heavy. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll explained, “Those particulates released 1,850 times more pollution than tailpipes and those particulates are going directly into soil and water instead of air out of a tailpipe. This study is now getting a lot of attention again, the reporting today is that some scientists at Virginia Tech and other places are examining this issue. It’s completely contrary to what we, the public, have been sold if the study is true about clean, green EV cars. So I think it’s a very big story.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “It reminds me of those greeniacs that couldn’t wait to shove that water efficient toilet down everybody’s throat here and then what do we find out? Well, you’re going to have to flush it twice, because the initial flush doesn’t take care of whatever is going on.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “The unintended negative consequence and now, we better be wary because remember, there was a Wall Street Journal article a couple of weeks ago saying how the desperate climate people are starting these experimental ideas of solar mitigation when you’re putting particulates up in the sky. Now people say oh, that’s so true. That’s fake news. No, it is true. Israel is conducting an experiment starting now and there are many pushing for this, saying it’s the only way we can protect the earth from burning up in 10 years. What about nuclear energy? You guys never mentioned that. So we have to watch out for these unintended negative consequences. I think EVs are ripe for it. Many people yelled about the digging and what that’s doing in third world countries where that’s happening. Now we’re finding out about these particulates. The cure can be worse than the illness and that’s what I’m afraid these people are not paying attention to.”

Barkdoll said, “The cars are so heavy, they require special brakes and tires that our regular passenger gas cars don’t and that’s why these particulates are so much more pronounced on those cars.”

Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery said, “Let’s face it, this is a political issue. I mean, we’ve heard reports about mining and what goes into these batteries and the energy used to create them, as well as the grid. Is it sustainable to put all this electric charging on our grid? So I mean, there’s so many problems. This thing is going to fall apart sooner or later. The county has no official stance on EVs. It’s none of our business what people buy. We’re not putting in charging stations. You buy what you want to buy.”

Ryan wondered, “But if Josh Shapiro comes down with you in the county better make sure you take care of the greeniacs out there.” 

Jansen said, “Well, it’s just the fact that this was tried to be covered up, as California is looking to eliminate the sale of all fossil fuel cars. Claiming of course it’s worse for the environment. Now it might depend on what you’re measuring for the environment, but in terms of this particulate pollution, which actually, California makes a big deal about the particulate pollution of fossil fuel cars being the other reason besides the whole climate change thing. Well, now it turns out these EVs are 1,850 times worse. So guess what? Unintended negative consequences. You could actually be making the breathing of Californians worse when you’ve insisted everybody has to drive these.”