Volunteers wanted

HAGERSTOWN, MD  – The Washington County Board of County Commissioners is seeking applicants interested in serving on the Washington County Environmental Management Advisory Committee.

Members of the Committee are tasked with providing the Board of County Commissioners with suggestions in regard to the policies and procedures of the Division of Environmental Management; information concerning new regulatory proposals; information concerning current County Water and Sewer Policies; information concerning the County Resource Element of the Comprehensive Plan; and information concerning all local solid waste issues. Additionally, the members are tasked with evaluating the Solid Waste Plan and its effectiveness and the biennial update of the Solid Waste Management and Recycling Plan.

The Committee consists of no less than seven and no more than nine voting members and serves a term of three years.

All members who serve on most State and County boards are subject to the Maryland Public Ethics Law.

For additional information, please contact Krista L. Hart, County Clerk, at 240-313-2204 or email khart@washco-md.net.