Virginia man charged with threatening, harassing Fulton County PSP Trooper

02 February 2024- A Reston, Virginia man who was arrested on DUI charges by PSP in McConnellsburg earlier this year is now facing more charges after he allegedly threatened to kill the Trooper who arrested him. Connor David Novak is charged with felony retaliation against witness or victim, misdemeanor terroristic threats, and misdemeanor harassment. Novak is behind bars today in Bedford County Prison on agreement with Fulton County after failing to post bail of $25,000.

PSP say that on January 14th, Connor Novak was arrested by a PSP McConnellsburg Trooper for driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, and drug possession. They also say that since then, Novak has contacted that barracks multiple times “expressing his discontent with PSP, specifically (the Trooper who had arrested him)”.

Two days after the incident, Novak reportedly called PSP McConnellsburg and spoke to a Corporal at the station. During the conversation, Novak reportedly told the officer that “he had acquired (Trooper who arrested Novak previously)’s cellular phone number from an unknown website on the internet and attempted to call him”. That Trooper never received a call but his brother reportedly was contacted by Novak by phone.

On January 27th, Troopers received another phone call but this time from the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office. The calling sergeant told PSP that Novak was currently “causing a disturbance at his mother’s residence”. Novak was wanted himself in Virginia for harassing communications. During this investigation in Virginia, FCSO was alerted to, and PSP were subsequently made aware of, an Instagram video posted by Novak reportedly threatening the same PSP Trooper.

Viewing the video, PSP say that Novak is seen driving at an unknown location, believed to be in Virginia, saying on camera that he knew the same Trooper he had been trying to contact’s full name and where he went to high school. Novak allegedly continued, saying ” You’re lucky you’re not six feet under already. Count your (explicit) days, (Trooper’s name)”.

Connor Novak is behind bars in Bedford County for Fulton County.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39403-CR-0000007-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-116989