Violent crimes increase in cities where police are defunded

May 27 – A number of cities and municipalities throughout the country are reversing course on their efforts to defund the police after, not surprisingly, violent crimes increased.

Congressman John Joyce addressed the issue this morning on First News.

“Instead of talking about defunding the police, I stand with our law enforcement heroes,” he said. “The men and women every day who put on the uniform to protect us. The facts already confirm what we know – violent crimes have increased in the liberal cities that have worked to defund and dismantle the police department. We need safer and stronger communities.”

As another option against defunding the police, Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Pete Stauber created the Justice in Policing Act of 2020.

The Justice in Policing Act looks to hold police accountable, end racial profiling, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust between law enforcement and our communities by addressing systemic racism and bias to help save lives.

The Justice in Policing Act would:

  • Establish a national standard for the operation of police departments.
  • Mandate data collection on police encounters.
  • Reprogram existing funds to invest in transformative community-based policing programs.
  • Streamline federal law to prosecute excessive force and establish independent prosecutors for police investigations.

Joyce said, “The Justice Act, which I was one of the co-sponsors, a bi-partisan reform that better equips the brave Americans who serve our communities. I’m grateful. When I come into the community and talk to law enforcement, they put their lives on the line every day. They put their lives on the line to protect us. And we have to support them. In congress, I have pledged and will continue pledge that I will never defund the police and I will always back the men and women in blue.”

The good news is, cities like New York, Baltimore and LA have started to see the ineffectiveness of defunding the police and are reversing course.