Vaccine mandates destroy lives

October 6 – While some are saying vaccine mandates are there to help get rid of COVID, others are losing literally everything because of them, especially when they are a condition of employment. 

State Senator Doug Mastriano joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News to talk vaccine mandates and the consequences of them.

Jansen said, “I can talk about it personally. My sister, who has a job she loves working in medical records in the basement of the hospital. She never has any patient contact. She had full-blown COVID this summer. She has natural immunity. I know that. Doctors, immunologists they know that’s true and yet we will not count them among the immune. And she’s being told and I know this is Joe Biden’s fault because he made this Medicare and Medicaid attachment to any medical facility that they’ll lose their funding if they don’t make every employee, janitors, anyone, my sister who never has patient contact get vaccinated. She’s afraid to get the shot. She is just afraid. And that’s the fact. She doesn’t want to be forced into this and she has until November 1. If she doesn’t comply, she loses her job. No unemployment. She loses her family’s healthcare. And the destabilization to that family will be unreal when she loses her income. This is insane.”

Representative Rob Kauffman and Mastriano showed up to a medical gathering at Norlo Park about vaccine mandates recently.

Mastriano said, “I’d say 250 or so people showed up to that. People were telling us their heartbreaking stories that they’re going to lose their pension, lose their jobs, lose their stability, lose everything and they just want to have the choice. This whole thing really has nothing to do with the vaccine. It’s more about the choice regarding the vaccine. In many cases these people, there’s no justification why they should be compelled to have it. I heard from similar people working in admin in the hospitals and similar situation, hardly any contact if any with patients out there. So what’s the recourse? Obviously class action lawsuit is one avenue to take. If you’re going to sue the man in this case here, you’ve got to come together. It’s so darn expensive unless you find an attorney who would want to do it pro bono. Try for a religious exemption. Sadly, WellSpan sent out a 14 page document justifying why you should be considered for those exemptions. That is way overreach. They’re trying to make it so hard and somebody had a copy of it the other day and question 2c on page 6 it was like tell us basically if you get the flu shot and why your organization, your religious group, why they oppose COVID. Last year I was constantly told and corrected by Levine and Levine’s cronies not to use the flu and COVID in the same sentence. It’s ironic now a year later it’s okay for the hospitals to do that. People should be able to have the benefit of the doubt, especially for religious exemption here. This whole thing just has gone too far. At the state level, reach out to me and Rob. Obviously if you’re a federal employee, Congressman Joyce is your guy. But the answer is lawsuit or religious exemption. I encourage the folks that were with us at Norlo Park to actually have an attorney if they could find someone to fill out all the legalize and all the questions there and just copy and paste and send it around to everybody else because it’s just going to take too long for one person to fill out all those hard questions.”

Jansen pointed out, “The absolute denial of scientific fact that you are at least as protected if not more protected, and I’m talking about people who have had full-blown COVID with all the symptoms. I understand if you are asymptomatic and they just find it on a test by random accident, you may not have the same kind of protection, but anybody who has had the symptoms, the full-blown thing, they are protected. The studies are showing that you are protected longer from natural immunity. I think it’s the Pfizer shot after seven months now they’re saying it’s not even effective.”

Ryan said, “Doug you’re a state employee. And if I recall did you have COVID?”

Mastriano said, “I had it. I tested positive in the White House last November.”

Ryan asked, “Isn’t there a state mandate for state workers? You work for the state? Are you mandated to take the shot yourself?”

Mastriano said, “As far as the state mandate, that would be underneath Wolf and his people. Not the Senate and the House. We’re separation of powers. And the judges also have their own policies.”

Jansen said, “Executive employees. Employees of Wolf. That’s the only ones he can mandate.”

Mastriano said, “Wolf can’t dictate to the judiciary or legislative branch constitutionally. We don’t have that policy in place in the House and Senate. We make our own decisions in that regard as we should. Natural immunity is better. One of the professionals that I have there, she was tested last week, a year after she had COVID and she’s still very strong in her natural immunity. And it does last longer than the Pfizer shot.”

Jansen added, “And as far as transmissibility of the virus, we all can still transmit it. It doesn’t matter whether you, in fact natural immunity, probably less transmission. With the vaccine, you can still transmit it.”

Ryan said, “Our lawmakers…none of them are under the thumb that people at Norlo Park or your sister to get the shot. The very people that are shoving it in your face are the very people that don’t have to take it if they don’t want to and are still going to get paid.”

Mastriano pointed out, “The people shoving it in the face are the president and the governor and that’s why it’s so important that we choose wisely when we’re hitting these elections here. It all comes down to elections. You’ve got to get out to vote. Even though we do have issues and a lot of questions, look, as bad as our election system is, you the people, we the people, took the power out of the governor’s hands in emergency orders. This is why he did not declare an emergency on this whole mask mandate for schools because he knew it would expire in three weeks. That’s why I question the constitutionality and how legal it is that he came out with an edict forcing schools to mask up the kids. That’s not even scientifically sound as well. The most resilient part of the population. Most people already watched my interaction with the acting Secretary of Health, who by the way has no medical degree. She’s an attorney and she’s making medical decisions here that she’s not qualified for. I asked her how many school-aged children in Pennsylvania had passed away and every death is tragic. She said 14. I said how big’s our school population? Ask the Secretary of Education. He did not even know how many school kids we had. He had to ask a staffer and that was wrong. He said 1.3 million. It’s actually 1.7 according to NEA. How much of our population of school age kids have died from COVID? It’s 0.00008 percent. Four zeros.”

Jansen said, “More are dying of suicide than COVID.”

Mastriano agreed, “Way more by suicide and by accidents and statistically that number is about the same as it was for the other serious flu periods we had with the bird flu and swine flu and back then we didn’t mask up or compel this, nor did we have a spike in suicides as a result of the insecurity and bullying by these administrations on our kids.”

Jansen said, “And they don’t even give clarity. They left the school districts kind of hanging with trying to figure this out which only makes parents more upset and more angry because we don’t have clarity. It’s all very muddled and confused. Again rule by uncertainty and intimidation.”