Vaccine distribution in Pa. is “gravely disappointing”

Congressman John Joyce weighs in on News Talk 103.7 FM – February 16 – A whole lot of people are reaching out to Congressman John Joyce to ask about when they can expect to get a COVID vaccination in Pennsylvania. Joyce’s office issued a letter to Governor Wolf and have yet to receive an answer. He wonders why West Virginia has an increase in number of vaccinations given and yet Pennsylvania remains so very low.

“No answers,” Joyce said. “No response from Harrisburg regarding that. We know the way to defeat this is with the vaccine. We know that.” With President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, safe and effective COVID vaccines were developed.

“Governor Wolf should have been prepared for the vaccine,” Joyce said. He knows that there are people in Pennsylvania who want the vaccine but “under Governor Wolf’s guidelines can’t find a dose available.”

Joyce went on to say he knew of a Franklin County resident who spent hours on the phone trying to get an appointment for a vaccination. A neighbor ended up helping him. “Luck and timing should not determine who gets a vaccine,” Joyce said. “I’m reaching out to Governor Wolf and asking why it’s taking so long. It’s gravely disappointing.”

Michele Jansen pointed to the alarming situation coming out of New York and the numbers from nursing homes. She asked Joyce, “Are you starting to wonder if we have…inaccurate reporting and what happened in our nursing homes (in Pa.)?”

“It certainly raises those questions,” Joyce said. “I assume that our state legislators are going to raise that question on a state-wide level and begin asking those hard questions that need to be answered by Governor Wolf and his administration.”