VA Hospitals, centers to get enhanced kidney care with new national partnership

31 July 2023- Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a new partnership with the American Association of Kidney Patients to improve the everyday lives of Veterans with kidney disease in coordination with VA’s Kidney Medicine Program.

Through several new partnerships, VA is poised to expand its range of services, educational resources, and testing capabilities for the one in six Veterans who live with chronic kidney disease. Veterans with kidney disease experience fatigue, nausea, vomiting, swelling, and other painful symptoms, making it hard to sustain the quality of life that all Veterans deserve.

The partnership helps address the unique needs of Veterans with kidney disease by providing comprehensive support and resources to help them manage their condition, early detection and appropriate diagnosis, annual webinars focused on kidney health issues, education about the importance of nutrition and physical health and kidney disease prevention and management, and guidance on how to get the whole family involved in a team approach to reduce burdens and better impact outcomes.

“At VA, it’s our job to provide Veterans with kidney disease with the world-class health care they deserve — and the best possible quality of life,” said Deputy Executive Director of the Veterans Health Administration Kidney Medicine Program Dr. Paul Palevsky. “Working together with AAKP, we will increase understanding of kidney disease among the Veteran community and improve awareness of the resources and benefits to which Veterans with kidney disease are eligible.”

“Beginning in the 1940s and through present day, VA has been at the forefront of efforts to improve care and treatment for kidney patients who have served their nation in uniform,” said President of AAKP Edward V. Hickey, III, a Marine Corps Veteran. “This formal partnership between VA and AAKP joins two of the foremost advocates for kidney patients and care innovation in the country and will inevitably result in broader education and care for this patient community.”

For more information about VHA health partnerships, visit VHA’s National Center for Healthcare Advancement and Partnership.