Using drones to deliver drugs to prisoners might not be the best idea

February 20 – Investigators in West Virginia have reported 11 suspects have been accused of using drones to fly drugs into – of all places – a federal prison in the southern part of the state. 

Reports from McDowell Sheriff’s Office said an increase in drone use in the county was reported by officials at the prison. 

Tom Graham of Fox News said, “They began making a read from December through earlier this month. One suspect was found dead last week after fleeing officers. Most of the accused remain jailed. Charges include intent to deliver a controlled substance, unlawfully operating a drone and felony conspiracy.”

Drones can be used for all kinds of deliveries, but using them for drugs is pretty easy to track.  

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It’s pretty bold, isn’t it? We had a case on the law hour last year where I believe someone was using a drone to drop cellphones into a prison yard somewhere. As crazy as all of this sounds, I don’t know what the next move is going to be.”

Will prisons require drone detectors now? 

Barkdoll said, “Because as crazy as that story is, you think about it, it’s fairly simple. I mean, these people had a drone. The drone has a fairly wide radius you could fly, get it into the prison yard to drop some contraband, pretty simple to pull off. No doubt though, the state jails, prisons at the state and federal level, they’re going to have to look at some way now to detect these drones getting into their airspace.”