Using a smartwatch or smart ring to measure blood sugar levels might not be accurate

February 23 – A lot of people are embracing technology right now like we are all the Jetsons and the smartwatch and smart rings are one technological aspect that can apparently connect us to all kinds of things, including measuring aspects of our own physical health. 

Apple is now claiming smartwatches and smart rings can measure blood glucose levels without pricking a finger. 

The Food and Drug Administration is saying be careful. That might not be an accurate reading.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The FDA still only endorses tests that actually pierce your skin to draw blood, that these non invasive monitoring devices are simply not effective, but a lot of people are apparently using them. The concerns of course, are not giving them accurate data.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Shouldn’t that be malpractice? I mean, that’s really putting people’s lives in danger saying oh, this is proven technology. We can use this now. You don’t have to hurt yourself anymore or have pain. Truly, to me, that’s complete malpractice. They were even allowed to put these products out.”

“I agree,” Barkdoll said, “As a consumer, you can see why this would be appealing. I’m just going to wear this watch and this will tell me what my glucose levels are. I think the FDA is validly letting the public know to stop using this stuff. This is not an effective way to measure that issue.”