US government is finally investigating where COVID 19 came from – and it looks like China is the culprit

CHAMBERSBURG – Suddenly, after a year of officials being ridiculed for suggesting the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan, China, it looks like the Biden administration is getting serious about investigating COVID 19’s origins.

Not surprisingly, the focus is on China. And the lab in Wuhan has come back into question.

President Biden directed the intelligence community to double down on their efforts to determine where the virus came from yesterday.

Congressman John Joyce joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News to talk about China.

Joyce said, “This is a main topic of conversation, not only in Congress, but in the district. More than a year ago, we had this conversation. I called for an investigation into the origin of this virus. It is highly probable that the COVID 19 virus originated in this lab in Wuhan. President Trump said it. We all understood this. I don’t know why Tony Fauci couldn’t understand this as well. This pandemic not only started in China, but the World Health Organization acted as a willing pawn to allow the Chinese Communist government to cover this virus up and hide it from the world and spread it to the world. We saw this. We saw what could have been just a local problem in China. The Chinese Communist party…allowed this to spread throughout Europe, throughout the United States, and throughout the world, to create the first pandemic in our lifetime. Lives and livelihoods have been destroyed. Joe Biden and the Democrats finally, finally are asking a question about the virus.”

The China Task Force was set up in May 2020 to address issues regarding China and Joyce was a member.

Joyce said, “Now we have to understand that we must ensure that the Chinese Communist party can never again unleash a virus onto the world. They have to be held accountable. We saw that this problem came from Wuhan. President Trump was keenly aware of this as well. So he halted funding to the World Health Organization, appropriately so. He wanted some answers. But Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization is a puppet to the Chinese communist party. The Chinese Communist party is a growing threat to our health, to our economy, and actually to the American way of life. We have to get to the bottom of the COVID 19 pandemic. We have to hold the Chinese communist party, the regime, accountable so that we can prevent further pandemics and ultimately save our lives, save the American way of life.”

He continued, “The Chinese communist party wants to take over the world. I know that sounds like a big statement to make, but we’ve seen it and we’ve been made aware of it. What they’ve done with the pandemic and how they’ve tried to sweep it under the rug invoking a wet market when the lab was the most likely source of where this is originating from. We need to be able to investigate this thoroughly and we need to understand how we can protect the American people. This is my job in Congress and I will continue to shine a light on this problem. We need to awaken Biden to understand that the Chinese Communist party must be held accountable for the COVID 19 virus.”

Jansen pointed out, “Biden’s still acting like we’re afraid of China. We’re going to have the World Health Organization and the CDC investigate. No, we don’t want that group investigating this, they’re already compromised. And then we’re going to wait 90 days and see the result. We can’t afford this. And this idea that we’re going to keep pandering to China. We’re so afraid of them. And they know it. They can see it in the Biden administration.”

A recent news story reported that America is still funding the World Health Organization, which is giving money for continued research in level four labs in China. 

Ryan asked, “Can we at least stop the money flow for the immediate time here? It’s not like China needs any more of our money here.”

Rand Paul has put forth legislation to stop the funding.

Joyce said, “These conversations are being held and there’s a House version of that being formulated as we speak. In the House, we’re in the minority by five votes. We have to get Democrats to acknowledge as well that this virus originated from Wuhan and we need to have the complete story as how it was unleashed upon the world. It’s going to be difficult right now because they closed the doors for a year and a half and they only gave us limited information. The World Health Organization, the funding must be stopped. We need to have a clear cut investigation on where this virus was unleashed upon us. Where did it come from? It’s a simple question. But when China is beholden to the World Health Organization. When they set up Tedros as their head, he’s a puppet to them. It’s not going to allow for a clear cut investigation. We need to understand clearly how they could do this and if they could do it again.”