Upper Strasburg family wakes up to find random woman sleeping in their driveway by a campfire

30 June 2023- Imagine waking up and finding an unknown person sleeping in your driveway by a fire made of fire-starter bricks that were taken from your home. Well, that’s what an Upper Strasburg family allegedly found around 7:50am on June 29th.

Pennsylvania State Police say that they responded to a home on Upper Horse Valley Road in Letterkenny Township for a female trespassing. When they arrived they talked to the homeowners who allegedly told police that when they woke up in the morning they discovered a vehicle in their driveway. Inside of the vehicle was a female unknown to them.

According to the victims, during the course of the night, the unknown woman started a campfire using artificial bricks that belonged to the homeowners. Additionally, the woman allegedly took blankets from the victim’s truck. Police list $20 of blankets were stolen and around $300 in artificial fire bricks were burned.

Police do not have a person in custody for this incident. PSP-Chambersburg is continuing the investigation, however.

Source: CAD/Case Number: PA 2023-854217