UPDATES: Two Maryland men charged with theft of two cars from Greencastle body shop

29 May 2024- A formal arraignment is awaiting a Smithsburg man charged in Pennsylvania with the theft of multiple vehicles from a Greencastle auto repair shop, with a co-defendant facing numerous charges in Maryland. Garrett Ellsworth Lewis is charged with felony theft of movable property, felony receiving stolen property, and felony criminal trespassing. Lewis has also been charged in Maryland with 12 counts of felony motor vehicle theft, six counts of felony theft of under $25,000, three counts of misdemeanor destruction of property, seven counts of misdemeanor rogue and vagabond, and three misdemeanor counts of burglary and fourth degree theft. His cases in both Maryland and Pennsylvania look to be going to trial.

His co-defendant, Logan Eli Ridenour has already pleaded guilty in a Washington County court to felony theft of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor possession of a handgun in a vehicle. For his plea, Ridenour was given a suspended sentence and five years of supervised release as well as $2,050 in restitution.

On December 15th, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to an auto body repair shop in the 13,800 block of Molly Pitcher Highway, Antrim Township for what was initially believed to be a hit and run crash. It was soon learned, however, that it was not a crash but rather an elaborate operation to steal two vehicles from the lot. Troopers say that video surveillance showed a Toyota Tundra intentionally backing into a chain link fence to gain access to a secure part of the property before people hopped out and took a blue 2018 Audi A5 and a white 2014 Ford Explorer. The Tundra, police quickly learned, was stolen out of Berkeley Springs, WV.

Six days later, Troopers were contacted by Washington County Sheriff’s Office detectives who had found the Ford Explorer in Washington County but believed that the car and the Audi were still being used in pursuit of other crimes in the county. With the blessing of the Explorer’s owner, the WCSO placed a GPS device on the car to try to trace it to the Audi. That quickly happened, with them both being located about two days after the trackers were placed. The man found in the Explorer, deputies say, was Logan Ridenour.

During a mirandized interview, Ridenour allegedly told WCSO that he was driving around in the stolen Tundra on December 15th with Garrett Lewis and two juvenile co-defendants. Ridenour said they were “bored” and pulled up outside a “tow yard” before stealing the aforementioned vehicles. During the escape, the police say Ridenour took the Ford Explorer and Lewis took the Audi with the two juveniles. The previously stolen Tundra was left at the shop. Troopers and WCSO say this all matches with what they saw on surveillance video from the shop.

In Pennsylvania, Garrett Lewis is awaiting his preliminary hearing with MDJ Plum at Central Court on June 4th. Lewis’ cases in Maryland remain murky, as requests were made for a speedy trial on April 17th, but Summons/Show Cause was returned without being served on April 18th in some cases. His main charges, however, saw a trial set then postponed as of May 9th.

Logan Ridenour was charged with violating probation as of May 21st, with his previous case reopened. This appears to be in conjunction with Ridenour being charged with misdemeanor second degree assault on May 16th.

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