30 to 60 Years – Maximum Penalty Handed Down

UPDATE: Breanna Black pleaded guilty to criminal homicide and additional charges. Black sentenced yesterday, 8 December 2023, to a minimum of 30 years in prison. The story…

10 April 2023- Updates have come forward as police documents are released following the shooting death of a Shippensburg woman. Breanna Elizabeth Black is charged with criminal homicide and has been denied bail by MDJ Adams. In the state of Pennsylvania homicide is a non-bailable offense.

On April 9th around 8:39pm, Cumberland County 911 received a phone call from Beth Ann Schwartz, the victim of the shooting, telling them that she was shot by “Bree”, or Breanna Black. Schwartz was unresponsive at the scene and suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest which had both entered and exited her chest. Schwartz was later transported to Chambersburg Hospital and subsequently York Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Around 11:30pm, PSP Troopers interviewed a witness of the events after the alleged murder. The witness said that her live-in girlfriend is Breanna Black at their home on E Orange Street. Schwartz, the victim, was allegedly either a friend or acquaintance of Black’s and lived at a home on S Prince Street. During the evening, Black allegedly had an argument with Schwartz over the phone and left the home to go meet her. When Black left her home, however, she allegedly left with her cell phone and a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun.

The witness allegedly heard a gunshot because the homes were close, and Black later allegedly returned to the home and told them that “I just shot her”. Black allegedly put the handgun on the desk and called her sister from Florida. Black allegedly told her sister “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I’m going to jail”.

The witness also allegedly told police that Black had been smoking weed and drinking beer earlier. Additionally, it was determined by police that the pills Schwartz usually gave to black were possibly oxycodone but it wasn’t certain. The gun that was used in the shooting was not actually owned by Black either, with it belonging to the witness. Finally, police allegedly determined that the argument between Black and Schwartz was most likely from the latter owing Black some pills.

Around midnight, PSP officially spoke with Shippensburg PD officers who initially arrived on the scene. They allegedly said that they found Schwartz lying on the back parking lot of her home on S Prince Street breathing but unable to speak. The shooting wound did have an entrance and exit wound, however. While Schwartz was being attended to by Shippensburg EMS, the witness previously interviewed allegedly spoke to SPD. Just 30 minutes later around 12:30am, Beth Schwartz was pronounced dead at York Hospital.

Police allegedly tried to interview Black at PSP-Carlisle but Black allegedly refused to answer any question without a lawyer present.

Breanna Black is behind bars after being denied bail. Her preliminary hearing is set for April 26th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000105-2023, Incident Number: PA 2023-453213