UPDATES: More charges for two 19 year-olds accused of stealing car from Carlisle, body armor, and instruments from Waynesboro

28 May 2024- Two teenagers previously charged with the theft of a vehicle and other counts have now been charged by PSP with more theft and body armor charges. Maxwell Troy Eckenrode and Keegan Ray Kissinger were both charged with felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor marijuana possession, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession and misdemeanor corruption of minors stemming from an incident on March 27th of this year. They have now been charged with additional felonies of receiving stolen property and unlawful possession of body armor. Both have bail hearings within the next few weeks, but Eckenrode continues to be behind bars after having bail denied in a separate firearms-related case in Shippensburg a week ago.

A vehicle that allegedly had Eckenrode and Kissinger in it was pulled over around 2am on March 27th after PSP license plate readers found it to be stolen out of Carlisle just a few days prior. After pulling off the interstate in Chambersburg, the driver allegedly tried multiple illegal turns and Troopers pulled the vehicle over. It was at that point that the driver was allegedly found to be a 16 year old driver, with Kissinger and Eckenrode in the vehicle with him.

A search was conducted on the vehicle due to it being stolen, which reportedly turned up three containers of marijuana. Additionally, Troopers say they found loose marijuana, a black wallet belonging to a female victim, a black wallet containing a Frederick County, Maryland Control Officer Badge to a different victim, a guitar, two amps, a laptop, and other musical equipment in the truck. Crucially for the most recent charges, Troopers say that two ballistic vests and a ballistic helmet were found in the vehicle along with a cell phone.

That same day after dawn arrived, multiple victims allegedly came forward to Waynesboro PD and Washington Township PD about thefts from their vehicles overnight. One of the victims allegedly had a U.S. Army National Guard issued multicam Kevlar helmet, a multicam Kevlar vest, and a multicam magazine vest stolen from her vehicle in Washington Twp. Another person, who’s name matched the person who’s badge PSP found earlier, said that the musical equipment and his badge were stolen. Finally, a third person came forward to claim the Samsung cell phone and $600 in cash that were taken from his car in Waynesboro.

Between this incident and his most recent charges, Eckenrode allegedly was involved in another incident that saw him denied bail by MDJ Cunningham. Eckenrode stands accused of threatening to kill, assaulting, and harassing multiple people in Shippensburg around May 18th.

Eckenrode remains behind bars in Franklin County, with Kissinger awaiting a bail hearing on the recent charges.

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