UPDATES: Lithium-ion batteries on eBike blamed for Saturday morning blaze in Chambersburg

04 June 2024- In a fire that sent a firefighter to the hospital and at least 25 people displaced, Chambersburg FD officials have pinpointed the cause of the fire.

Initially called in around 1am on Saturday morning, companies from Chambersburg, Fayetteville, Franklin Fire, Marion, Letterkenny, New Franklin, and Shippensburg’s West End Fire all helped with the blaze, which eventually resulted in a number of apartment units becoming unlivable.

Full release by CFD is available below.

A follow-up investigation was conducted on June 3, 2024, at the scene of the apartment building  fire at 282 South Second Street. The investigation concluded that the fire was accidental and  originated from an outlet in apartment number one’s kitchen. The cause of the fire was  determined to be a malfunctioning electric bicycle battery charger that was plugged into the  outlet and charging a bicycle made from incompatible bike parts by the occupant. The fire was  further accelerated by additional lithium-ion battery packs of electric bicycles in the vicinity,  which failed due to heat compromise.