UPDATES: Former Shippensburg Constable allegedly called voting machines “fixed” and “rigged” during 2023 Elections

21 March 2024- A now former Shippensburg-area Constable is facing charges from his alleged antics at multiple Cumberland County polling locations last year. Troy Allen Beam is charged with three summary violations of disorderly conduct/unreasonable noise, three misdemeanor counts of obstruction of an election, and three misdemeanor counts of official oppression. Beam had a subpoena delivered to him today, March 21st, and is awaiting a court date of May 1st, 2024.

The investigation into Beam’s actions on Election Day 2023, November 7th, were initially started that very day. Through the initial process, which was not a criminal process through the courts, Beam was ultimately removed as a Constable for Southampton and Hopewell Townships. Per the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, Beam was determined by members of the community and the President Judge Edward Guido to have “abused his authority” during these actions and was unfit to serve. After being removed from his position, a criminal investigation was conducted against Beam.

Members of PSP began conducting interviews with Election Judges, poll workers, and voters in the precincts believed to have been visited by Beam on November 7th. Those precincts were determined to be;

  • 200 Airport Road, Southampton Township, Cumberland County (Southampton Township’s Offices)
  • 135 Middle Spring Road, Southampton Township, Cumberland County (Middle Spring Presbyterian Church)
  • 56 Cleversburg Road, Southampton Township, Cumberland County (Southampton Township Township Multi-Purpose Center)

The Election Judges and voting inspectors described Beam in their interactions with him as “loud and obnoxious”, “authoritative”, “not friendly, was blustery”, “accusatory”, and gave them fear and anxiety. Some interviewees say that he threw PA State Constable business cards at them and brushed past them, with others saying he handed them the card and simply advanced past them.

At all three locations, Beam is alleged to have come into the polling places unannounced and unrequested to view voting machines. After being told he cannot touch the machine (likely due to him not sufficiently identifying himself for a number of individuals involved), he reportedly brushed past them and began looking at the touch screens and vote numbers. Beam allegedly loudly proclaimed the machines as “fixed”, that they had “flipped votes”, and said at one precinct “I don’t think you understand, our country’s under attack”. Beam was threatened with police action by one of the poll workers at least once, with him ultimately leaving after shouting things.

One of the voters described the experience as Beam coming in and loudly declaring to go behind the voting machines. When Beam was stopped by one of the poll workers, that voter told PSP that they remained in line because “I didn’t want to be involved in a case of violence”. After Beam was finally told to leave, he reportedly loudly said something along the lines of “you have not heard the last of me”. Describing the experience as “uneasy” and “intimidating”, the voter nonetheless casted her vote.

The Director of Elections for Cumberland County says that Beam did not submit a Payment Request for compensation for any Election Day duties.

This is not Beam’s first brush with the law. He was sentenced to 74 months (which is a little over 6 years) in federal prison for tax evasion, obstructing and impeding the due administration of the Internal Revenue laws, and willful failure to file federal income tax returns. Beam is a former CPA and state auditor with the Pennsylvania Auditor General’s Office and had owned a number of different businesses that made a large sum of money, much of which was proven in federal court to not have been taxed.

“The evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt that Troy Beam is a consummate fraud and hypocrite who evaded his responsibilities as a citizen while participating in a charade to deceive the government, other citizens and himself for his own selfish ends,” said Peter J. Smith, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania of Beam in the tax fraud case.

Troy Beam is free awaiting a hearing on his latest charges, but again is no longer a PA State Constable.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000103-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-317480