UPDATES: Fmr Waynesboro baseball coach hit with more charges for false imprisonment, more

13 September 2023- A former Waynesboro baseball coach is facing more charges following another sexually charged incident earlier this year. Justin Travis Biser is looking at new charges of felony strangulation, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor indecent assault, and misdemeanor false imprisonment. Biser is also facing a slew of other charges related to the alleged sexual assault of multiple minors. Biser is set to arraigned on his newest charges on October 10th, the same day he will be seen for the first set of charges. He has since had his case taken over by the Office of the Attorney General and the court proceedings moved to Fulton County. Additionally, Biser has been charged with indecent assault as a result of another victim coming forward. While awaiting his next court date, Biser is still behind bars on $500,000 bail in Franklin County.

On August 9th, the day after the original charges were brought against Biser, a woman came to the Washington Township PD station to report a previous assault by Justin Biser against her. The victim said she was held against her will for about an hour and a half by Biser earlier that year and came forward after the first round of charges were made public. While initially questioned by WTPD, the interview was turned over to the AG’s Office.

The victim was then interviewed officially by the AG’s office on August 22nd. During the interview, she allegedly told police that her and Biser were friends previously through her family and Waynesboro Baseball. Going through marital troubles, the victim stayed at Biser’s home one night in June but solely as friend.

After about five minutes into their night, however, Biser allegedly tried to force himself on the victim while she was on the couch. Verbally and physically resisting, the victim reportedly tried to leave but was stopped by Biser. Picking her up by the throat and “throwing her down”, the victim was forced to stay in the home for over an hour and a half, with Biser additionally taking possession of her phone. During the interaction the victim allegedly said Biser smelled of alcohol and had been drinking when she arrived earlier in the night.

The victim was eventually able to outwit the allegedly drunk Biser, take her phone and leave. She was, however, scared to approach the police with the story and “wanted to put it behind her”. However, her husband was told of the incident and allegedly went over to confront Biser, with Biser “standing at the door to his garage holding a gun while he and the witness were ‘bickering'”. Police then became involved in this case after they were approached following initial reporting of the charges against Biser.

Separately from those charges, Biser has been accused of committing indecent assault by another woman. On August 15th, the office received a document detailing new allegations against Biser as it relates to him being around Waynesboro baseball.

This victim was subsequently interviewed about a week and a half later at her college apartment by AG’s Office investigators. The victim indicated she has known Biser since she was around 14 year old as she worked at the Waynesboro Baseball concession stand. Through this contact with Biser, the victim alleges that he sexually harassed her approximately 40-50 times from ages 16-18. Trying to brush off the assaults, she allegedly said sometimes people would notice but just make comments like “that’s weird” and move on.

The victim also indicated that Biser followed her on Instagram and Snapchat, often commenting on and reacting to her posts and pictures. Through these interactions Biser would allegedly often text her things like “if you ever want to come over….”.

Justin Travis Biser remains in jail on $500,000 bail. His next court date is October 10th.

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