UPDATES: Charges withdrawn against Newburg man, investigation into 2022 death of Dakota Rowles still ongoing

05 April 2024- Changes have been made into the ongoing mixed toxicity death of Dakota Rowles in Chambersburg around 2022, with charges having been withdrawn from a Newburg man. Hunter Eugene Shannon had previously been charged with a number of felonies and a misdemeanor stemming from the overdose death of Rowles in December 2022.

Shannon has since had the previous charges withdrawn as PSP continue their investigation. They have, though, officially named Dakota Rowles as the man who was found deceased in the 7500 block of Lincoln Way East on December 2nd, 2022.

At this time, the case is still under investigation, PSP says, and there are no current arrests. Anybody with any information regarding this death is asked to call PSP Chambersburg at 717-264-5161.