UPDATES: Chambersburg woman denied bail after allegedly stabbing man in head, side, and back

22 September 2023- New details from court filings show that a Chambersburg area woman stabbed a man multiple times at a home on Lortz Avenue earlier this month. Lakeisha Cheyquan Teal was denied bail by MDJ Glenn Kenneth Manns after being charged with felony attempted homicide and felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference. Teal is behind bars in Franklin County jail.

Chambersburg PD were dispatched around 10am on September 13th for a reported stabbing in the 300 block of Lortz Avenue in the Borough. Police spoke with two people who did not appear to be injured who allegedly said that Teal had attacked another man in the garage of the home with a knife. After stabbing him multiple times, Teal allegedly threw the knife before leaving.

The stab victim received a ride to the Chambersburg Hospital ER for treatment. He was subsequently treated for stab wounds to his head, left side, and back. Doctors also noted he had an injury to the bridge of his nose.

The victim, it should be noted, is also behind bars in Franklin County Jail today after being arraigned on multiple felony DUI charges yesterday by MDJ Rock. Listed offense date for Matthew Collins Marks, however, appears to show the alleged DUI arrest happened on July 10th. Nonetheless, both are currently lodge at Franklin County Jail.

Lakeisha Teal was denied bail due to her charges. Her preliminary hearing is set for September 26th.

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