UPDATES: Chambersburg man who threatened coworkers with shovel reportedly had knife when approaching officers

01 July 2024- Luckily nobody seems to have been injured following an incident in Chambersburg Borough over the weekend where Chambersburg PD had to deploy a taser against a man they believed had a weapon. Damon M. Holloway is facing charges of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assault, and misdemeanor terroristic threats. He remains behind bars on $5,000 bail.

Chambersburg PD were dispatched to a location in the 100 block of S Second Street on Saturday for a reported disturbance. After arriving, officers spoke to multiple victims that allegedly told them that during a conversation one of them had with Damon Holloway, the latter told them that he had masturbated to a 9 year old daughter of a person they knew. Disgusted at this sentiment, people at the business allegedly were informed about what Holloway had said.

A few days later (the date of the incident), Holloway was reportedly told to get away from one of the other staff members at the business, which caused Holloway to get angry and grab a plastic snow shovel. Officers say that Holloway “went after” the victim, swinging at him with the shovel and threatening to kill him. This was also reportedly viewed by a witness.

While CPD officers were speaking to the two victims, Holloway reportedly advanced towards them acting angry and began “reaching into his back pocket of shorts for something”. Due to the threat of a confrontation with a weapon, officers deployed a taser to Holloway. Transitioning from the taser to pulling out handguns to defend themselves, officers reportedly found a steak knife in Holloway’s back pocket where he was reaching. He was taken into custody without incident after the tasing.

Damon Holloway failed to post bail of $5,000 and remains behind bars in Franklin County.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000129-2024, Incident No.: C202407993