UPDATES: Alleged Chambersburg drug dealer already charged with OD death of pregnant woman now facing more felonies

06 May 2024- A woman already behind bars in Franklin County on charges relating to the death of a pregnant woman and her child last year is now facing more distribution charges. Amanda Mary Yost is charged with felony possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, felony conspiracy to commit distribution of a controlled substance, and felony criminal use of a communications facility. Yost was given an additional $50,000 bail, which she hasn’t posted.

Chambersburg PD were already involved in a case that saw Amanda Yost charged with the death of mother and her unborn child from an OD when they executed a number of additional search warrants.

On January 25th (the day of the initial charges being levied against Yost), CPD executed a search warrant on Yost’s vehicle and allegedly found six vials that contained a “white chucky substance”. Investigators described the substance as resembling crack-cocaine.

On January 26th, a search warrant was carried out on a lockbox belonging to Yost after a K9 team determined there may be drugs inside. Located inside, CPD say, were identification cards and cash belonging to Yost and Joshua Smalls. Smalls has also been arrested for fentanyl and crack distribution in Chambersburg.

Prior to the lock box being seized, however, CPD say that it was given to another female who told them she dropped it on the floor. When it hit the floor, the lid flew open and a baggie of pills allegedly fell from it, which included 33 capsules of heroin/fentanyl and 7 pills of suspected oxycodone.

On February 22nd, CPD say, Yost gave statements that showed her and Smalls had sold fentanyl caps and crack-cocaine, including using her phone to facilitate the deals.

Amanda Yost remains behind bars, as does Joshua Smalls.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000197-2024, Incident No.: C2024-01071