Unlawful Activity & Disorderly Conduct

HAGERSTOWN – Edward Lee WILLIAMS Jr, age 58 of Hagerstown has been charged with Unlawful Activity (Solicit or engage in any lewd, lascivious or illegal act) and Disorderly Conduct in connection to an incident that occurred at the Garland Groh Walmart.

A teenage female reported that Williams was performing a lewd act in the store while he watched her from a distance. Investigators were able to confirm this by store surveillance video.  Video also revealed that Williams parked out front, entered the store and immediately began watching female patrons and employees. Williams left the store without buying anything, returned to his vehicle and left the area.  Surveillance cameras captured Williams’ tag number and he was subsequently identified. 

We, Hagerstown Police, are pleased that the young lady in this situation was alert, aware of her surroundings and brave enough to report it.  If anyone else experienced a similar incident like this where they believe Williams was involved, we are asking that you please contact the Criminal investigation Division at 301-790-3700 ext 236 or email rfetchu@hagerstownpd.org

HPD also hopes that the public takes this opportunity to remind the children and teenagers in their life about situational awareness, to be mindful of who is around them even in a public setting. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t and to report any suspicious activity.