UAW strike comes to Hagerstown as almost 3/4 of Volvo Mack Truck union members vote to strike

09 October 2023- After it seemed like a strike could be averted as an agreement was struck between Mack Truck’s parent company Volvo and the United Auto Workers last month, union leaders announce a resounding NO to the deal. That means that, as of 7am today, Volvo Mack Trucks’ locations in both Hagerstown, Maryland, and Allentown, Pennsylvania are at a standstill.

UAW president Sawn Fain released a statement late last night saying that 73% of UAW members shot down a tentative deal that was on the table between employees and Volvo. Fain directly referenced multiple sticking points, including but not limited to; wage increases, COLA or cost of living allowances, job security, wage progression, healthcare, and more areas of concern.

Outlets, including Axios, have said that the deal on the table between UAW leadership and Volvo Mack Trucks had a 20% increase to general wages over five years, a 10% general wage increase in year one for all employees, and a guarantee of no increases in health insurance premiums through the length of the contract.

The picket lines are already being manned in Hagerstown, with striking workers hitting streets at 7am. While “progress” has been made with the Detroit Big Three of Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, what happens moving forward with one of the area’s biggest employers remains to be seen.

The strike, importantly, does not affect Volvo’s Shippensburg manufacturing plant. The Shippensburg facility does not employ UAW employees as it is primarily focused on Volvo construction equipment production.