Two young Chambersburg men charged with pointing guns at each other in Family Dollar

21 September 2023- An 18 year old and a 21 year old are facing felony charges after they allegedly pulled guns on each other at the Family Dollar in the Southgate Shopping Mall. Sebastian A Croutch and Makye Amirae Bonitto are both charged with felony riot- plan to use a firearm. Both Croutch and Bonitto are free on unsecured bails of $25,000.

On September 5th, Chambersburg PD Officers were dispatched to the Southgate Mall for a reported disturbance involving a group of men and a handgun. When police arrived it seemed that the men had dispersed but interviews were conducted on the Family Dollar staff where the incident took place. The manager of the store allegedly told police that he was ringing out a man when the other group came into the store and began saying “yo, yo, yo”, starting an argument.

During the course of the argument, the man at the register and another male in the group both pulled out and displayed firearms while continuing to argue. This was all allegedly corroborated by footage on the store’s security cameras.

Through the investigation, police believe that the man who was found to create the disturbance in the store was Sebastian Croutch.

Both Croutch and Bonitto are free on an unsecured bail of $25,000. Their preliminary hearing are set for October 10th and October 3rd, respectively.

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