Two public hearings will happen tonight at the Hagerstown Council regular meeting

March 26 – Hagerstown Mayor and Council will have a regular meeting at 7 p.m. tonight in Council Chambers at 1 E. Franklin Street. 

The mic will be open for public comment. 

The meeting can also be viewed on the city’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. 

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the City of Hagerstown, said, “It’s a pretty full agenda. There are actually two public hearings, both on annexations. One on the annexation of building one out on 55 West Oak Ridge Drive, about 74 acres there. Then once that annexation is in place, the second one will be allowed because then it will be contiguous and that is the annexation of the right away on a portion of Interstate 70. That will include the Colonel Henry K Douglas Drive, down on Sharpsburg Pike. So a couple of public hearings, we don’t have those every single regular session for sure, but this one will include a couple of those.”

There are 10 items under the consent agenda, one under unfinished business and 14 of them under new business. 

Decker said, “One is the introduction of an ordinance amending chapter 230 which is the transient housing ordinance, something that we’ve talked about a number of times so this is finally coming up for a vote. It will effectively amend the definition of a transient visitor and require the transient housing license to be displayed in the lobby or another permanent public place on premises there.”

Council will also adopt a revised drug free school zone map. 

Decker said it will include the “amending of chapter 25 of the city code that goes along with that, that will effectively add the Hagerstown Children’s School, which is in Mulberry Lofts, and will provide it the protection of the drug free school zone.”

The 2024 summer camps will also be discussed. 

Decker said, “This is pretty impressive to me for 25 years, the city has funded camps with different organizations here in the city, including the Hagerstown YMCA; Girls, Inc,; the Robert W. Johnson Center and believe there’s one more there, but altogether $75,000 from the city to those local organizations. All of those camps will begin in June, right at the end of June, and will run through August.”

Last week, Fire Chief John DiBacco talked about a fire truck that the city is selling. 

Decker said it’s “a 1994 Simon Duplex Aerial fire truck to be specific, the city recently was able to acquire a new ladder truck, so this one became expendable. This one is being sold for $50,000 to a fire company out of Vancouver, Washington, who happened to be in Frederick looking at another apparatus. They asked if anything else was available, and they were pointed in the direction of Hagerstown, so they’ll be taking a former Hagerstown fire truck, buying it and taking it out to Vancouver, Washington.”

Anyone who would like to email their questions to council, send the email to They are due no later than 5pm today. 
For tonight’s agenda, click here