Two men up in smoke after allegedly smuggling over 224,000 unstamped cigarettes through Franklin County

14 March 2024- Two men are behind bars in Franklin County today after they’re allegedly apprehended smuggling over 200,000 illegal cigarettes. Jonathan Herminio Rodriguez and Frauly Antonio Cabera Gomez are behind bars on $150,000 each after both were charged with felony possession of unstamped cigarettes and misdemeanor possession of unstamped cigarettes. Rodriguez was also cited for following too closely.

Pennsylvania State Police Troopers say that just after 5:30pm on March 12th, they pulled over a Ford F150 with a U-Haul trailer for following too closely violations. When Troopers spoke to the driver, he allegedly acted strangely and tried to build rapport but was also shaking.

Continuing their line of questioning, Troopers asked the driver, Rodriguez, where he was going and why. The passenger, Cabera Gomez, was asked the same questions through a translator and gave the reverse answers to Rodriguez. Due to the inconsistencies, Troopers continued to ask questions as to why they were going between Virginia and New Jersey. Eventually, both men were taken into custody by PSP to await a search warrant for the vehicle and its trailer.

Troopers say that a search of the trailer yielded 1,221 cartons of unstamped cigarettes. That totals to 12,210 packs, or 224,200 unstamped and smuggled cigarettes.

Both Rodriguez and Cabera Gomez are behind bars on $150,000 bail.

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