12 August 2022- Hagerstown PD release a statement about two altercations yesterday where suspects tried to take officer’s guns. Luckily, the two officers in connection with the incidents are fine save some cuts and scrapes.

Yesterday, 8/11/22 we had two separate incidents were suspects attempted to disarm officers. The first one occurred in the first block of East Ave, on a mental health related call where the officer was assessing the situation. The officer suspected that the subject, later identified as Leon Lockley, age 41 of Hagerstown, was also under the influence of CDS. Lockley became assaultive and the officer and suspect ended up on the ground with the male attempting to get the officer’s gun out of the holster. The officer was able to radio for assistance. While backup was on the way, the officer deployed his taser and eventually was able to get the suspect under control. The officer sustained a cut to his head and was treated and released from Meritus Hospital. The suspect was also transported to the hospital and eventually taken to the Washington County Detention Center on criminal charges related to this event.

The second incident occurred yesterday evening. Officers were dispatched to the first block of N. Locust St for a suspicious vehicle where the subjects were believed to be dealing CDS. On arrival subjects in the vehicle fled on foot. One of the officers encountered one of the suspects in a dead end alley. The suspect was approaching the officer and the officer ordered him to stop at gun point. The suspect attempted to run again and the officer was able to grab a hold of him in order stop him, however the suspect then grabbed the officer’s gun before he could place it back in the holster. The officer had to physically pull his gun out of the suspect’s hands. He managed to holster his gun and still get the suspect under control by taking him to the ground. The suspect, later identified as Richard Loudin 4th, age 22 of Hagerstown, was in possession of a fanny pack that contained over 700 fentanyl pills, 26 grams of crack cocaine and nearly $4,000 in cash. Loudin was transported to the detention center and criminally charged in matters relating to this incident.

These events underscore the dangers our officers face every day. We are grateful that no one was seriously injured. Both of these situations had the very real possibility of turning deadly. We are grateful for our officers who put their lives on the line, never knowing what a call for service can turn into. Thank you to the men and women of this agency for the job you do, day in and day out, around the clock.