Two Carlisle residents charged with shooting into a Chambersburg home

16 October 2023- A Carlisle man and Carlisle woman are facing charges after they allegedly traveled to Chambersburg earlier this year and fired an AR style rifle into Hamilton Township apartment. Malik Darrell Penwell and Darcy Irene Waters are charged with felony conspiracy to discharge a firearm into an occupied structure, conspiracy to commit assault, and misdemeanor conspiracy reckless endangerment. Both received $100,000 bails after being arraigned this weekend, with both failing to post bail.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to an apartment on Heintzleman Avenue in Chambersburg around 1:50am on July 21st for a report of shots fired. When police arrived, they talked to a man who told them that he was inside of his home with his girlfriend when two loud bangs went off, similar to gunshots. After getting to the ground of his apartment, the victim realized shots were fired into his home.

Police searched the home and found two bullet holes in the second story front window as well as two bullets being retrieved from his wall just four feet from his bed. Troopers describe the holes as being from a “suspected AR rifle”.

After obtaining security camera footage of the incident, police were able to observe a green Ford Focus being driven by a woman with an AR style rifle in the hands of the vehicle’s passenger. The passenger allegedly is seen on footage lowering its right rear window before firing multiple rounds into the apartment building. The vehicle sped off shortly after.

About a month and a half after the incident, police were able to positively identify both the vehicle as well as the driver, Darcy Irene Waters. Both PennDOT records as well as social media confirmed Waters’ possession of the vehicle.

An encounter with police on October 14th led police to eventually arrest both Waters and Penwell. Waters’ car was spotted at the Greenvillage Sheetz in Greene Township, with her being taken into custody. In the car as well was Malik Penwell.

Police interviewed both Waters and Penwell in coming days. Waters allegedly admitted to being behind the wheel during the incident. Additionally, she allegedly admitted to leaving the scene after the rounds were fired into the apartment, even though someone could have been injured.

Penwell was interviewed ten days after Waters, with him allegedly confirming that he was in the car at the time of the incident.

Police do list a caveat to the investigation, however, that “at this time, this is not everything known to this officer regarding this incident”. However, police felt there was sufficient evidence to charge both Penwell and Waters with the previously mentioned charges.

Malik Penwell and Darcy Waters are behind bars on $100,000 bail. Their preliminary hearings are set for October 24th.

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