Tuesday’s election showed parents have a voice when it comes to school boards and their children’s education

November 4 – A seat on the Chambersburg Area School Board would go to a write-in candidate – there was no candidate on the ballot – and Joan Smith, who ran a campaign that said no to liberal agendas, is projected to win the seat by 100 votes.

Joan Smith, a local businesswoman, has said she is dead set against liberal/Marxist idealism being brainwashed into our children and ran for the Region 7 Chambersburg Area School Board seat over Noel Purdy, both of whom were write-in candidates.

The count won’t be official until the election is certified by Friday or Monday, but you can see the write-in votes on the Franklin County website for Region 7.

It looks like Smith has it.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed Chambersburg Area School Board this morning during the Big Talk on First News.

Ryan pointed out, “That’s pretty amazing if you think about it. That whisper campaign we kept hearing was going on for some time here. Hiding and lurking in the shadows. All of a sudden we get wind of it and Joan steps in here and says hold on. Joan comes out with both barrels, loud and clear.”

Barkdoll said, “Her win tracks very much with this dynamic we’ve been discussing this morning and from what I hear she ran as active as a campaign as she could as a write-in candidate and I think she had a message that resonated with people in that district. So she will be seated in about a month is when the school boards reorganize and once again, I think you’re going to see a total new composition in the Chambersburg School District that very well could change the direction and how things are being managed there.”

Jansen said, “We need to get more clarity and transparency and hopefully with the new slate of school board members, they’ll help us to do that because the big argument about there’s no CRT being taught. Well we know that’s what they’re saying in Virginia and it’s very clear when you look at what even the losing candidate for the governorship did when he was governor. Promoted CRT in their education system. We know it’s happening in education training around the country. I saw myself, questions that are being asked of teachers as part of their training here in our school districts that clearly demonstrate race essentialism, systemic racism, anti-racism is what our teachers are being trained in. So if they’re being trained in that, guess what school board? Educate yourself. That’s Critical Race Theory. That’s critical theory, social justice and our teachers are being trained in it to help our students to learn the same thing.”

Ryan added, “The side on the left is so obsessed, it’s almost sickening how much they’re obsessed with children and it’s more bathroom conversations. Not the math room, but the bathroom. It turns my stomach and I’m glad to see that we’ve got some sensibility here. The other thing that turns my stomach out of the school board was the finger wagging and the arrogance and the snobbery that happened out of them. Three of them are gone. We got rid of one educator. We got rid of a PhD and we got rid of someone who sources the New Yorker here. Can we just get back to the responsibility to mom and dad? To the parents.”

“And honest dialogue and debate,” Jansen said. “And yeah, people from outside the education system have some very valid points to make and the educators have got to realize you’re in a bubble.”

“And you work for us,” Ryan added, “You work for us.”

Jansen continued, “And there’s good educators and some of the educators that brought me that information, they don’t agree with it at all, but they’re being forced by the school districts to take on that training. There’s something wrong. Somebody way up with power, the edu-crats have way too much power. We need to change that.”

“You’ve got a voice,” Ryan insisted.

Jansen said, “School teachers, you have a voice, too.”

“Exactly,” Ryan agreed. “There’s a voice to be had here and we rang that bell like crazy. Whether it’s been on the borough council, whether it’s been the mayoral race. Lining up left side with the Biden administration or just this finger-wagging arrogance that they kept shoving in your face. Not so much anymore.”

Barkdoll said, “I think some of these school boards locally and around the country for that matter have really overplayed their hands the past year or two. They’re taking a lot of cues from the NEA, the American Federation of Teachers, other interest groups and I think what you saw Tuesday, locally and around the country, parents stepped up. The pendulum has swung back. Voters clearly saw things were moving too far left. This woke-ism. You saw that certainly in the Virginia governor’s race. Terry McAuliffe made real gaffs on some comments about these things with school governance, but I think you saw that locally, too, on Tuesday and voters are saying we want the boards to now go in a new direction. Now the formula has to be these new boards have to govern. They can’t just get in there come December and not do anything. They need to get in there, do what the voters have asked them to do and bring these things back to more of a state of what we’re accustomed to as normal.”