Trump To Host “Largest Virtual Rally in Radio History”

CHAMBERSBURG – Rush Limbaugh announced that President Donald Trump will be hosting the “largest virtual rally in radio history” during his show Friday. The event will be carried live on News Talk 103.7 FM.

Last week, Limbaugh said the president was welcomed to use his show to campaign anytime he wanted to. “If Trump wants to do a virtual rally on this show, he could call right now,” Limbaugh said. “If the president wants to address the nation, he could call right now.”

Limbaugh is undergoing treatment for advanced lung cancer. Conservative author Mark Steynwas hosting the show when Rush broke the news with a pre-recorded message. “You don’t want to miss this, it will be special.”

Steyn said Limbaugh would return to host the rally. Limbaugh said he would offer more details about the event on his website and Facebook page.  

Limbaugh said earlier this year that 43 million people listen to The Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network.