Trump fundraiser on Saturday hits an all-time record

April 8 – Former President Donald Trump had quite a fundraiser this weekend – he raised more than $50 million for his campaign. 

The event had 117 guests on Saturday night who raised an all-time record. 

A billionaire hosted the fundraiser in his home in Florida. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “That’s a big injection of money into the Trump campaign. There’s reporting of course that Trump spoke to the group. It was closed to the media, but one of the big things Trump talked to them about was extending the 2017 Trump tax cuts, not letting them expire like they are scheduled to do next year and it sounds like there’s a lot of talk about immigration at this fundraiser as well.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “What’s hilarious to me, is Democrats are now hypocritically saying, look how he’s the big money. We’re all about the small dollars. After they had broken a record previously last week with all the people from Hollywood and now Trump topped them and they’re all sad and mad about that. It’s ridiculous.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “It’s the Hollywood arrogant elite that can’t wait to take away your gas car, your steak and your airlines. Can’t wait to lecture you and then you get a guy who throws a hell of a fundraiser and apparently we’re the guys that want to take away your Social Security, your Medicare, your Medicaid and push grandma into the sewer here.”

Interestingly, a story in the Wall Street Journal today says the economy is pushing voters toward Trump in Pittsburgh. 

Ryan said, “So the puppet master moves the occupant of the White House to embrace the Green Deal at your expense, you and your family. So we’ve got Keystone XL dead, liquefied natural gas permits on hold and the Wall Street Journal, a really strong article and if I’m Joe Biden, that’s not a pretty article.” 

Barkdoll added, “Another thing that dovetails with that article, Governor Shapiro did an interview over the weekend with the Financial Times. One of the takeaways from that article is he thinks these permit bans on the LNG, the liquefied natural gas, in Pennsylvania that Biden has implemented are really going to hurt Biden politically in Pennsylvania. Shapiro suggests in that Financial Times interview that Biden should reconsider his position. That really squares with this Wall Street Journal reporting. They’re pointing out of course, Pennsylvania is the biggest state from a population and electoral vote standpoint of all the battleground states and those collar counties around Allegheny County and Pittsburgh, southwestern Pennsylvania, these have been very purple counties, the last couple presidential election cycles, but they profile a lot of these really what you would say are stereotypical or historical Democrats, blue collar, working class people that are really gravitating away from Biden. This Journal reporting is saying, is this a red flag for Biden in Pennsylvania? Because if the polling isn’t correct, and the votes are basically tied between Trump and Biden, that is the segment of the electorate that could easily swing for Trump. It’s interesting if you read that article, a lot of those voters, they’re very supportive of democratic initiatives in general when it comes to tax policies, social policies, but Biden’s stance on green energy and the liquefied natural gas is really cutting into those economies out there and that singular issues is going to influence how these people vote and it looks like they may be swinging to Trump.”