Trio of people arrested following high speed pursuit and foot chase in Shippensburg

05 January 2024- A laundry list of charges is being levied against three different people alleged to have run from the police, both in a vehicle and on foot, and harboring the man from police custody. Brandon Dylan Robinson is charged with felony fleeing an officer, felony possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, felony firearm carried without a license, misdemeanor evading arrest, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor DUI, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession, and three traffic violations. His alleged passenger in the vehicle, Gianni James Eyer, is charged with felony possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, felony firearm carried without a license, and misdemeanor evading arrest by foot. Finally, Dejah Ne Thompson-Myers is charged with felony hindering apprehension. Robinson and Eyer failed to post bails of $25,000, with Thompson-Myers failing to post bail of $1,000.

Around 1:30am on January 4th, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers were dispatched to investigate a suspicious vehicle that was parked outside an apartment complex on Roxbury Road, Shippensburg. The caller to 911 alleged that at least two people were in the car and had masks on with the dome light on. Trying to talk to the men, the caller allegedly approached the car before the latter took off. It then came back to another apartment complex.

When Troopers arrived, they followed vehicle, a blue Ford Winstar minivan, for a short time before pulling it over for a traffic stop. When the officers approached the vehicle, they allegedly found it to smell heavily of marijuana, with the driver’s eyes being glassy. Troopers asked the driver to step out of the vehicle, but the driver reportedly responded “I can’t do that” before putting the car in drive and taking off.

After a chase through Shippensburg, the vehicle stopped in the parking lot of 20 Britton Road before the driver bailed from the Winstar. The passenger had fled earlier in the chase near E Orange Street and S Queen Street in the Borough. As for the passenger, two officers were able to take him into custody following a chase. He has since been identified by PSP as Gianni Eyer. Eyer, Troopers say, possessed a loaded Berretta 9mm pistol with a round in the chamber as well as a full magazine. A search of Eyer, Troopers say, yielded another box of ammunition for the gun. Since Eyer is below 21, he could not possess a handgun in a concealed manner.

Returning to the driver, other Troopers believed he had entered into a home later found to have Dejah Thompson-Myers as its primary resident. When asked about the fugitive they were tracking, Thompson-Myers allegedly denied police access to the home to search for the man as well as repeatedly telling them the only occupants were her and her juvenile son.

Being denied inside, Troopers searched outside the immediate area and say they found a wallet and shoes. The wallet contained the PA driver’s license for Brandon Robinson, who’s picture matched the description of the subject in their search. Lying next to Robinson’s wallet, additionally, was reportedly a scale with drug residue on it. When Troopers approached the home again, they say Robinson willingly gave himself up, notably without shoes on.

Robinson was later transported to the hospital for a legal blood draw. During a search of his person prior to transport, police say they found suspected cocaine on him. Additionally, due to the heavy marijuana smell during the earlier traffic stop, Robinson was charged on suspicion of DUI.

Robinson’s vehicle was searched soon after his arrest, as well. A loaded Taurus 9mm handgun was located beside the driver’s seat, according to investigators. Also found during a search of the vehicle was a female juvenile, who it appears has not been charged in this incident.

Dejah Thompson-Myers, Gianni Eyer, and Brandon Robinson are all behind bars in Cumberland County. All defendants have a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 17th.

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