Toomey Statement on Dems’ Partisan, Wasteful Spending Bill

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) issued the following statement regarding the his vote opposing the Democrats’ partisan, wasteful $1.9 trillion spending bill:

“Last year, Congress passed, with overwhelmingly bipartisan support, five bills that provided almost $4 trillion in response to COVID. This year, President Biden and congressional Democrats refused to work with Republicans and instead rammed through a wasteful $1.9 trillion bill on a strictly partisan vote.  

“This bill is not about responding to COVID. It is about exploiting the final stretch of a public health crisis in order to enact a longstanding liberal wish-list for years into the future. Only a fraction of the funds in this bill can even be spent this year. The following are merely a sample of indefensible items in this bill:

  • Making Obamacare subsidies available to people with six figure incomes,
  • Sending $350 billion to blue states and cities, despite their record high revenue collections in 2020 and $500 billion sent to them last year
  • Sending payments to farmers and ranchers equal to 120 percent of their borrowings, irrespective of their earnings, wealth, or affects from COVID, and exclusively for ethnic minorities or immigrants,
  • Sending $1,400 stimulus checks to violent incarcerated criminals,
  • Paying federal employees to stay home for another 15 weeks, even after many of them have been working from home for the past year,
  • Funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to the arts, humanities, and ‘environmental justice.’

“None of this is COVID-related, yet it is all in this spending monstrosity. At the same time, this bill fails to address the biggest problem facing Americans: fully reopening businesses and getting kids back to school as quickly as possible.”