Too many splits in the Republican Party could spell serious trouble in getting needed votes

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February 12 – With the second impeachment trial for Donald Trump bringing in the defense today, speculation abounds as to what will happen when the proceedings wrap up, probably over the next few days.

The fact that no witnesses have been called makes some wonder if the outcome has always been understood.

“I think that’s a signal that privately, if you gave the prosecutors and defense team truth serum, privately they would acknowledge they know where this is going to come out,” Attorney Clint Barkdoll said. “I wonder if there’s been discussion of why bring in a parade of witnesses here when we know it’s not really going to change any votes?”

Discussion then turned to Trump’s plans when all this is over.

Barkdoll thinks the odds are better than 50 percent that Trump comes out “within a day or two of the acquittal vote and does some sort of victory lap. Is it a third party? Is it trump media?”

Reports have shown a group of Republicans talking about yet another third party called the Center Right Republican Party.

“Do they know something about a Trump ‘Patriot Party’ and are they trying the get out ahead of that?” Barkdoll wondered.

When asked his best bet, Barkdoll noted that while Trump could make a fortune forming Trump media, he thinks there’s a “really good chance” he forms a third party.

“Even in the 90s, he flirted with running as a third party candidate,” Barkdoll said. “There was this Patriot Party. He was close to Jess Ventura, who was the third party winner when he ran for governor of Minnesota.”

Trump appears to be intrigued by it and polling shows a lot of people would join that party.

“It would also loosen him from the chains of the party infrastructure,” Barkdoll added.

Pat Ryan said Trump has to “get something back when it comes to communicating with people. I see Project Veritas has been sliced off. Here’s more censorship and more clamping down of anybody who has any kind of other opinion other than yours or the media’s or Hollywood deviants.”

Michele Jansen pointed out that where Trump will put out his message is another problem.

Representative Adam Kinzinger is trying to start another part of the Republican Party that is against Trump.

Jansen wondered, “What is it with Republicans that they can’t get past why Donald Trump was elected in the first place? What their voters were trying to tell them with that? It’s like they’re completely tone deaf.”

This split within the party could spell real problems.

“Do you get a scenario where you get all these factions that start emerging? And Democrats, if they stay unified, are they able to hold onto these seats that they otherwise would have lost?” Barkdoll asked.

Nikki Haley came out today very critical of Trump. Haley has been talked about as a potential presidential candidate.

“You could have three parties,” Bardoll speculated. “Trumps ‘Patriot Party,’ the Center Right Republican Party and the regular Republican Party. You get that many factions and it’s going to be difficult for any of them to succeed because they’re going to divide up the votes too much.”