Tonight’s Chambersburg Borough Council meeting will be the only one this month

May 13 – The Chambersburg Borough council will meet tonight for the only gathering the group will have in the month of May. 

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in council chambers at 100 South Second Street. 

Chambersburg Police Inspector Meredith Dominick will be discussing a grant. 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said the grant is “under the COPS fiscal year ’24. It’s the Community Oriented Policing Services. She’s going to speak to us about applying for the grant to add an officer sometime, I would imagine yet this year whenever the grant would come through. I’m interested in hearing her presentation. I think she’ll get 100% support from the council. I’d be surprised if she does not. We could probably use some more officers and we get some help from the federal government to help pay for this individual whoever it may be for a period I think of about three years. So after that, we’re on our own and we pay for them.” 

The officer will likely be used in community policing.

Coffman said, “Which probably includes a lot of traffic control. I know there’s been a lot of talk about traffic control over the last couple years and I think that’s probably where this person would plus up the department and help out in that area.” 

Council will also authorize borough officials to execute a professional service agreement with Maher Duessel. 

Coffman explained, “It’s an accounting firm out of Harrisburg, and the idea there would be that they would be helping with the paperwork that’s involved with a lot of these grants. There’s an awful lot of paperwork and to give you a perfect example of this, we’re still trying to get through all the paperwork of the police station renovation. Remember, they moved in last October. It’s just the flow of the paperwork. I mean, we’re trying to collect that money now that’s been spent.”

The accounting firm is sending a rep to speak to the council tonight and that’s when the financials will be presented. 

The water system will also be discussed. 

Coffman said, “We’re going to authorize borough officials to execute a professional services agreement with ARRO Engineering. They’re out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and we’ve worked with them before. We want them to review and take a look at our water system chemical mixing processes at our water plant which is out near Fayetteville. I think it’s time to take a look at that and we’re going to go outside to have that done. We want to get an outside opinion. I think the last time they worked with us was on their wastewater treatment plant. It’s a good engineering firm and they’ll give us a good study, I’m sure.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board met last week. 

Coffman said, “The Zoning Hearing Board I think had three cases to review. All of them were approved, so those people left very happy. Planning and Zoning had no actual plans to review. However, they’re in a situation right now where they’re looking at changes possible for downtown zoning here in the central core district of Chambersburg. So they worked their way through that. They probably had a meeting that went two, two and a half hours and that’s pretty much what they talked about. They aren’t totally there yet, but they’ve taken a lot of things into consideration. I’m sure we’ll get more here as they meet next time.”

An executive session is also part of the meeting. 

Coffman said it’s “potential litigation concerning countywide reassessment issue. We’ll have a discussion about that. We have some new information that will be coming out by this evening and we will discuss that item. There will be a meeting with communities within Franklin County sometime today, in which we will discuss a subject and really the reason for the executive session is to share that information that will be gained later today.”

Memorial fountain has been turned on and another fountain will also be turned on this week. 

Coffman said it will be “This coming Friday at two o’clock and that’s the Glen street fountain. So that’s coming.”
For tonight’s agenda, click here.