Tonight will be the first regular session for Hagerstown’s new mayor

February 28 – The Hagerstown Mayor and City Council will hold a regular session this evening at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 1 E. Franklin Street. 

This will be new mayor Tekesha Martinez’s first regular session. 

Tonight will include public comments from the citizens of Hagerstown. 

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the City of Hagerstown, said, “That’s always the wild card for this regular session. What will be addressed in citizen comment?” 

Typically comments from the elected body will be heard at the end of the meeting – so there likely won’t be a lot of back-and-forth between council members and public comment.  

Decker said, “There’s always an opportunity of a citizen to get in touch with the mayor or a city council member through email, many of their cell phone numbers are available. 

Tonight’s agenda will include nine consent agenda items, one item under unfinished business and nine new business topics. 

An approval of a resolution for a developer agreement for the indoor turf facility at 974 Memorial Boulevard will be voted on. 

Decker said, “Moving forward with that turf facility at the former location of Municipal Stadium.” 

In terms of the new downtown stadium it looks like everything is on schedule and Mayor and Council will likely have an update in the coming months. 

Decker reminded, “For anyone who is interested in putting in an application for that vacant council seat, the final opportunity comes as of 4:30 on Wednesday. That deadline is drawing near. As far as I know at this point we’ve had five applications. 

The meeting can also be viewed on the City’s YouTube Channel or Facebook page. 
For the agenda, click here: