To say Washington is a mess is probably an understatement

October 2 — After all the drama with fire alarms, the resolution stop gap proposal did pass over the weekend, which held off the shut down of the US government. 

But, truly, it’s only a band-aid for six weeks. In mid-November, we will see all of these discussions and arguments come around again. 

Second verse, same as the first. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “What a mess we have in Washington today. Nothing was done. All they did was say let’s keep the funding going six more weeks. Well, then this weekend, you had Matt Gaetz doing all the Sunday shows yesterday, Florida Congressman, calling McCarthy a liar, saying McCarthy set everyone up in the Republican caucus, you can’t trust him.”

Gaetz will apparently make a motion sometime this week to have Kevin McCarthy removed as Speaker of the House. 

Barkdoll said, “Well, then McCarthy went on the Sunday shows. He called Gaetz a liar, said he was duplicitous. We now know Gaetz is apparently under an ethics investigation for some things he did in Congress. This is going to be the story to watch all week because it does not appear the Republicans have the votes to oust McCarthy, but if the Democrats all get on board to oust him, you’ve got this wild scenario unfolding, that McCarthy could be removed as Speaker of the House. No one then is going to have the votes to be reelected speaker and if that occurs, think back to January. You could go days or even weeks, with no activity in the House. They can’t convene to do anything unless they elect a Speaker. So the Democrats are apparently strategizing now about this. There’s this nefarious idea, get all the Democrats on board with this caucus of Republicans that want to remove McCarthy. It’ll bring the House in a paralysis situation. The Democrats think that might be politically advantageous. By the way, some very conservative House Republicans including people like Scott Perry, you saw some conservative media commentators this weekend like Mark Levin saying that Gaetz and his group are just crazy. They are not getting on board with this idea of shutting down the House. So keep an eye on that.”