TikTok could go bye bye

December 14 – Yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio from Florida introduced legislation that would ban TikTok in the United States. There is already bipartisan support in the US House of Representatives for this, so there’s a chance it could make it to the finish line. 

The concern is the app used by millions of Americans could be opening users up to control by Communist China. 

Anyone who downloads the app and clicks yes on the user agreement is allowing TikTok access to the entire phone or device – and that’s a growing concern for a number of people. 

Proponents say a lot of people enjoy the app and indeed, some people conduct and support their business on TikTok. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You know who’s noticeably quiet on TikTok? Our representatives. Outside of John Joyce, you don’t hear a word out of Bob Casey. He doesn’t care about TikTok, he doesn’t care about your kids. He doesn’t care about the southern border. You don’t hear anything out of Bob Casey about TikTok. None of our elected officials is saying anything about TikTok. Now Hogan stepped up there in Maryland, but I have heard nothing out of our elected officials about this beast that’s coming after your kids, that’s watching your family, that’s looking at your records, looking at your banking. It was Joyce that rang this bell loud and clear years ago and nothing else from any of our elected officials. Shame on them.”

“Nothing,” attorney Clint Barkdoll agreed. “Nothing from Senator elect Fetterman or Governor elect Shapiro and would be so curious, particularly on the governor’s side, might he follow the suit of a Larry Hogan and ban this from state platforms when he takes office next month. When this gets on the floor for debate in the Senate and the House, where do all these people fall? I would love to hear the argument for someone that does not thing TikTok should be banned, particularly in light of the fact that none other than the FBI has now come out warning that they think it’s a national security risk.” 

Mark Warner, Democratic chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, former tech executive, has come out very publically saying we need to get rid of this platform. 

Barkdoll said, “To me, this would be low-hanging fruit. If you’re an elected official, why not come out very strongly and get behind this. We’ll see. For now, we’ve heard very little from all these people.” 

Ryan said, “You know what I get to hear? I get to hear that John Fetterman is one of the best dressed something-or-others. That’s what I get to hear. Honestly if it’s not right in front of you, you’re not worried about the southern border, you’re not worried about fentanyl, you’re not worried about TikTok.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “And we have drag queens at the White House celebrating something that was never an issue for the American people.” 

Ryan continued, “So here we go. What do you expect when the press is obsessed with John Fetterman’s dress code, but not about TikTok. I throw my hands up. Honestly.” 

Barkdoll said, “The New York Times put Fetterman on its most fashionable or most trendy list for his hoody sweatshirts and gym short attire as he was out on the campaign trail.”