Thursday is the day for the big debate – what can we expect? 

June 26 – President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are set to debate tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on CNN. 

The plan is to shut the microphones off for each candidate when it is no longer his turn to speak. 

We even had a little preview of that recently from CNN with someone from the Trump campaign. 

Kasie Hunt, an interviewer from CNN, actually shut off the mic of a person from the Trump campaign when that person mentioned the fact that Jake Tapper, one of the moderators for the debate, has made statements that were clearly anti-Trump.

That interview was shut down after that question.   

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “We see narratives, unfortunately, in place of journalism these days. I have to laugh at the CNN interview with the Trump person talking about the debate and then cutting off her microphone, interestingly enough, because she dared to bring up the biases potentially of the moderators of the debate. I think it is a completely fair thing to talk about when you have the provable evidence of the moderator’s extreme bias over the past several years. But CNN wouldn’t have it. They wouldn’t allow that to go forward, which I think is backfiring on them tremendously, because it’s only bringing much more attention to that than it ever would have otherwise.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I think it was a huge mistake that Kasie Hunt made. I think it’s a fair game. I mean, it’s a fair point that the Trump official was making, and it’s out there. It’s part of the public record, so I do agree, I think it’s backfiring. I’ll make a prediction for tomorrow night. I think some of these incidents like this, it’s probably putting even more pressure now on Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, who’s going to be the other moderator. They need to play this thing straight down the middle. I mean, any suggestion or whiff that they’re in the tank for Biden tomorrow night, I think is going to backfire, not only against them, but against CNN in a huge way. So in a way, these kinds of incidents might be holding their feet more to the fire to keep them honest tomorrow night.”

Biden has been at Camp David this week apparently preparing for the debate tomorrow. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “We’re going through all these test questions and practice and practice and practice for a guy that’s been in politics all his life. I don’t know why you need practice for all the things that you’ve put on this country, just own them, talk about your record.”

PA State Senator Doug Mastriano said, “They’re going to pump him up with all kinds of uppers and other drugs there and if it goes much beyond an hour, we’re going to see this rapid decline in his ability to talk. God bless Donald Trump. He’s going to be in the least fair environment. He is going to have the least fair moderators. He’s got Dana Bash there whose husband was one of those, one of those signers of that fake intel document, claiming that the dossier was real, and the Hunter Biden laptop was fake, so he should lose security clearance. That’s fraudulent. He’s got Jake ‘the fake’ Tapper there, I had Jake ‘the fake’ Tapper comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler over and over again. I think Donald Trump is a bold and courageous man because he’s facing some of the least fair, most biased people that he could find, and it’s going to be interesting, but he’s still going to win.” 

The southern border should certainly be an issue for the debate, indeed, all of the international issues should be brought up. 

Ryan insisted, “It shouldn’t take seven days to prepare for the record that you have on display for the world to see with the president and that debate, should it?”

“No, not at all,” Mastriano agreed. “I remember CNN talking about how Donald Trump, was the first president since 2004 to visit the troops in a war zone, which he was on his way to and they never retracted that. The record of this administration with inflation and the death and murder, torture and rape of beautiful young people and beautiful young girls that are American citizens by these illegals rampaging our streets here, and the blood is on the hands of all these Democrats out there that are supporting these policies, and the President United States, Joe Biden. He’s allowed this open door policy. You’re killing and rampaging and hurting so many of our own people here. This lawlessness is going to come back and bite them in the butt. We’re going to have an overwhelming victory as long as we all get out and vote and not sit back and oh, my vote doesn’t count. I’m not going to waste my time. Well, if you do that, you’re losing your country.” 

Ryan pointed out, “I see that Trump today has got a cease and desist against a Democrat Super PAC. They must be nervous on this one. A Democrat Super PAC called PA Values. Hilarious. They’re fearing losing the mail-in ballot stake that they’ve held successfully. So the cease and desist goes to PA Values, out of the Trump camp for using old Trump statements against him in an ad campaign when clearly Trump is in the camp of mail-in ballots now.”

Barkdoll said, “What an interesting situation this is because this PAC that’s running these ads, the Democrats know this playbook has been successful, and you look at those clips, remember, in January of 2021, this would have been in the weeks before Biden was inaugurated, those two Georgia US Senate elections that flipped Republican to Democrat, which gave the Democrats control of the Senate, the Democrats did the same strategy down there. They had billboards up with Trump and his quotes that mail-in vote is corrupt. Don’t trust it, don’t go vote. A lot of political analysts at the time said that was very effective in suppressing Republican votes in that election, and then fast forward now over the last three years, a lot of races around the country, Democrats have rolled out those clips, and the irony is, nothing has changed. The mail-in voting process now is identical to what it was in 2020 but I think Trump and the Republicans, smartly, are now embracing it. They need to get on board with it. I don’t think he’s going to win this case, this legal injunction. I think those clips are out there. They’re in the public record, some of them are even from just within the last six months or so. So that PAC is going to be allowed to keep running those ads. The key is can Trump and a Republican PAC, can they now get up on the air to counter these ads that these Democrat groups are running against him?”