“Three-step plan for financial disaster”: PA House GOP on Shapiro’s Higher Education Blueprint

29 January 2024- House Republican Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) shared the following thoughts on Shapiro’s new Higher Education “blueprint.”

“I am glad the Governor recognizes the success of the House Republican Caucus to bring accountability and transparency to the state-related universities as well as fight for tuition freezes and our continued fight to protect Jewish students from antisemitism on campus,” Grove said.  “If that is what the Governor considers political gamesmanship, we need more of it in Pennsylvania.   His proposal to eliminate the last remnants of non-preferred bills is a direct result of leadership by the House Republican Caucus during this past Great Betrayal Budget Impasse using this process to achieve meaningful reform for Pennsylvania students.” 

Grove offered further thoughts on Shapiro’s new “blueprint” for higher education, which lacks some critical details, most importantly, financing.  

This plan is a continuation of the Shapiro for President three-step plan for financial disaster:

Step 1: Massive and unsustainable spending increases. 
Step 2: Elimination of the $12 billion surplus.
Step 3: Leaves families and businesses on the hook for significant future income tax increases. 

“The bottom line is this plan creates more bureaucracy, necessitates more spending, and creates more questions than answers,” Grove said.  

“The House Republican position on education, from PreK to College, is simple: fund students, not institutions,” Grove stated.  “This plan fails to fund students and continues to fund institutions, many of which are in debt of their own making.  Shapiro should propose direct grants so every child of God will have options for higher education.  But given his track record on reneging on school choice, it appears the Governor is once again siding with unions over students.” 

Grove also further pointed out this massive spending plan will negatively impact the General Fund’s financial picture moving forward. 

“Deficit spending is a financial disaster in Washington DC, and it’s an economic tsunami waiting to devastate Pennsylvania,” Grove said.   “We can’t afford Josh Shapiro’s Washington DC style reckless spending here in Pennsylvania.”  

Grove concluded that this plan appears to be a poor “copy and paste” from the far-left State of Minnesota.  “Apparently, after a year of work, the best the Shapiro administration could come up with is a poor copy of Minnesota’s higher education plan.  It’s just following another state in financial peril like Pennsylvania.  This plan isn’t even innovative or bold. To put it mildly, if the higher education “blueprint” was for a house, I wouldn’t step foot inside of it.”