Three people charged with break in at Chambersburg Mall

10 May 2024- Pennsylvania State Police Troopers have charged three young adults with breaking into the site of the former Chambersburg Mall earlier this week. Tyra Elizabeth Thompson, Brooklyn Nevaeh Dillon, and Makyrah Aiason Short have all been charged with felony criminal trespassing- entering structure, with Short additionally being charged with criminal mischief-damaging property. All three defendants are free on unsecured bails of $10,000.

PSP Troopers say they were conducting a regular domestic security check at the site of the former Chambersburg Mall at 3055 Black Gap Road in Greene Township around 9:15pm on May 9th. That is when the Trooper allegedly encountered Thompson, Dillon, and Makyrah in the parking lot of the mall after spotting them inside of the mall itself.

Speaking to the young people, Troopers say that they were forthcoming and that they wanted “to go inside, walk around, and look around”. This included, Troopers say, breaking a window at the main entrance of the mall with a rock in order to gain entrance to it.

This isn’t the first time that someone has been arrested or caught entering the mall since it closed last year. In August, PSP were investigating a report of someone breaking in and graffitiing the mall, with other cases of breaking and entering at the mall being investigated between now and then. This is a reminder that the mall is PRIVATE PROPERTY and no one should enter unless given explicit permission or they may be subject to legal action.

Thompson, Short, and Dillon are all free today awaiting their next court hearing.

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