Three Pa legislators are in Arizona taking a look at the election audit

June 2 – State Senator Doug Mastriano, Representative Rob Kauffman and Senator Cris Dush have been invited to Arizona to take a look at the audit happening in Maricopa County, which surrounds Phoenix.

The hearings held in Gettysburg last year were watched by legislators in Arizona and it was decided that key battleground states should stand together.

Hence, the invite.

First News talked with Colonel Mastriano about his visit last night.

“I think they told us we’re about halfway through the count so they’re not releasing many of the details, but there are a lot of issues coming out as you can imagine,” Mastriano said. “It’s funny the umbrage and outrage that the left and the media screaming and hollering why are we down here? First off, great news, no tax dollars were used in this so this is not being funded out of taxpayer money at all. Number two the media should be concerned more about transparency than covering up anything. If there’s nothing to see, then let’s take a look at it and if there’s nothing to see let’s do the elections better in the future, but obviously there’s a lot of questions that haven’t been addressed.”

Mastriano is impressed by the competence he’s witnessing.

“The audit’s being professionally run,” Mastriano said. “I don’t think there’s been anything in American history done at this level of professionalism and detail. It’s a forensic audit, so things that may have been deleted by certain government officials can be uncovered in this audit and I think the outcome here is going to be really earthshaking in the end.”

Could this visit mean a similar audit for Pennsylvania? 

“It needs to happen,” Mastriano said. “The people across the state that I deal with…have a lot of questions about the election as I do. Instead of left-wingers trying to shut us down, tell me any serious reporter or journalist has done investigative journalism on what happened in November and whether there were issues and what we’re going to do about it. My goal here is to find out what happened and hopefully in the future have a more perfect election.”

Obviously, the 2020 election was not perfect.

“For instance,” Mastriano said. “Fact: before the elections, Kathleen Boockvar, our failed secretary of state, was ordered to remove 22,000 dead voters from the rolls. Well, guess what? They weren’t removed until just a few months ago. So, why? Did that contaminate the vote? Of course it has an effect. Frank Ryan, Representative from Lebanon County, 120,000 excess voters. More voters than are on the books. They counted for a number of those working with the secretary of state, but it’s still stuck at 120,000. That’s a big number.”

The audit is about transparency.

“We’re in 2021 and I don’t know why it’s so hard to have a free, fair, honest, transparent election,” Mastriano said. “Because some people might like or might not like the outcome doesn’t have anything to do with anything. It’s not about overturning nothing. It’s all about transparency. Democracy dies in darkness. It has to be transparent. I am standing firm on my statement and observation that I’ve seen better elections in Afghanistan than in Pennsylvania. We should be ashamed of ourselves. The hearing in November in Gettysburg, it began a series of investigations and queries and hearings that also included Arizona and Arizona with this audit here is keeping that alive. Anyone that could stand against or question our reason for being here is obviously not for democracy or transparency.”

Representative Kauffman is also in Arizona and Mastriano is thrilled to have him in attendance.

“I won’t steal his thunder,” Mastriano said. “He’ll have a lot of things to tell you for sure. I’m glad to have him here. I am proud of him, that he’s my representative. We’ll bring the information back to the Senate leadership. Hopefully we’ll come up with an approach here to make sure that every person in Pennsylvania can be rest assured that they have one vote and it counts. We’ve got a long way to go. People have been more than patient. Things should have happened a lot sooner. It’s a bit frustrating how long it takes to get things moving. The bottom line is keep expressing yourself. Keep letting your Senators and Reps know where you stand on this audit, whether you support it or not. It’s important that they hear from you. You know where I stand. I’m asking people when you engage your legislators wherever you stand on this issue here, affirm those who are on the right side and encourage those who are on the fence. We’ll need a lot more support here because it’s going to go down to a vote in the end.”