Threats to burn down a home and assault land Scotland man behind bars in Franklin County

12 June 2024- A Scotland-area man is behind bars after allegedly getting into an argument with an ex and threatening to burn down their shared home. Dalton Jarrett Mellott is behind bars on $50,000 bail after being charged with misdemeanor terroristic threats, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, misdemeanor evading arrest on foot, and summary harassment.

Pennsylvania State Police Troopers were dispatched to a home on Mickey Inn Road in Greene Township around 6am on June 10th for a domestic altercation. Troopers were reportedly told that Dalton Mellott showed up back at his residence nearby and grabbed a victim before threatening to burn that house down. Mellott allegedly fled soon after the threats. Additionally, Troopers were called to the residence earlier in the shift for another disturbance involving Mellott pushing another man.

When PSP arrived on scene, numerous Troopers canvassed the area while an interview was being conducted with the victim. Troopers say that the interview, as well as another conducted with another man, saw them learn that an initial argument over drinking habits sparked a physical confrontation between Mellott and the victim.

The fight originally took place, PSP say, near a vehicle owned by the victim when she was in the driver seat. Mellott then allegedly got into the victim’s face and began yelling loudly before the victim tried to grab a metal rod to defend herself. Soon after putting it down, though, Troopers say Mellott approached the vehicle and “attempted to violently remove her out of it so he could obtain the vehicle and flee”. Mellott was reportedly able to grab the keys and leave, but not before allegedly telling the victim, “you need to get your stuff or I will burn the house down”.

Troopers were able to apprehend Mellott nearby in a field with one of the latter’s friends. That friend, PSP say, had lighter fluid in his possession that he told Troopers he had gotten from Mellott after the latter fled the scene.

Dalton Mellott remains behind bars on $50,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39303-CR-0000090-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-764314